2nd LV bag = another speedy b? anyone think/did the same?

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  1. #1 Apr 22, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016
    I bought my first Louis vuitton bag last year, that's a speedy b in de, like it sooooo much, light weight, holds everything, goes with almost all the outfits, looks nice. now I am thinking of my next bag purchase (not including slg), I thought about neverfull, cause I think its beautiful, I saw ppl wearing it several times, they all look great! besides, among all those "my most used handbags" YouTube videos, neverfull and speedy is likely being the top 2. but I think I might cannot cope with an open opening bag... was thinking if I had to choose, I'd rather get a speedy b than a neverfull. also I really like it when saw photos of ppl modeling mono speedy b, I believe mono ones looks better than de, while de is more care free. but I don't like uneven patina, actually I cannot bear with it, that's why I chose de in the first place. don't know, most likely I will buy a monogram speedy b, then baby it...

  2. I never liked Speedy, but now I have 5 of them--go figure-- they are addicting for all the reasons you explained in your first sentence! I think a thread should be started "Bet you can't have just one....."
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