2nd Hermes finally came in today!!!!

  1. I'm on a roll!!!!! I just recieved my 2nd Hermes purchase today!!!!

    It's so beautiful!
    23cm Black Chaminox Constance with Pal hardware!

    As soon as I get home I will post pics!!!! :yahoo:

    2 down,... 2 to go!
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see what's next!!!
  3. Congrats, Bagg! :party: Looking forward to seeing pics!
  4. WOW!!!! Congrats and enjoy your new beauty!!
  5. yeah, pictures pictures!!!
  6. I just called my husband to tell him that I got my second bag and he was laughing histerically! He told me that I'm going to start working just to by Hermes, and to please not put the house up for sale!!!!! Imagine,.. I could buy alot of Hermes with that money! :graucho:

    He's so happy for me he's taking me out for drinks tonight after we sit for my freinds Shiva! I think Hals has a hand in all this. If so thanks Hal! I love ya man!!!!!! He always told me to slow down and not to work so much and enjoy what I have.
  7. congratulation.. cant wait to see pictures :smile:
  8. Pictures, PLEASE!!!!

    btw, I am so happy for you! 4 Hermes in 1 week is amazing!!
  9. Oh dear GOD! Four Hermes in ONE week???? Not even Shopmom can top that!!!!! (although I'd like to try!) Congrats, Bagg....pics please and then one of the whole shebang!!!!
  10. In the thread that read "you know your addicted to Hermes When"

    I wrote when you buy 4 Hermes bags in 1 week! I'm nuts!
  11. You have a terrific husband!! It's not quite the same reaction I bought my Hermes... :upsidedown:
  12. Hey, when you're on a roll, you're on a roll. You just gotta go with it!!!!

    As Steve Winwood say's...."roll with it, baby!"
  13. Lucky Woman! If you can post all your recent pics in the thread I would love to see them. Please share.
  14. Wow - your husband is really sweet and supportive. Makes it fun! Can't wait to see the bags!
  15. Very cool! Congrats! I heard the Constance holds quite a bit...true?