1. can anyone tell me how exactly you buy from this site? I can't figure it out!

    Also, what is their mypoupette name?...

  2. Good question, as there is no shopping cart or "buy it now" button. I asked earlier and was told that you click on the "contact me" link and negotiate with the seller (apparently he has been known to negotiate on shipping, multiple item purchases, etc.) His name on Poupette Luxe is "Interesthing."
  3. You can also find most, if not all, of her bags on poupetteluxe.com. That site has a place at the bottom of each item's page (if you double click on a particular bag), to either bid, or BuyItNow. I have bought from her (last week, actually, so I haven't received the bag yet), and found her to be very easy to deal with, and offers layaway options on all of her bags as well if you are interested. Good luck - I hope you find something that you love!
  4. Hi! I bought from him before... poupetteluxe ID is: Interesthing

    He's gone right now, but will be back on Feb 4.