2nd hand MIU MIU bag to sell on ebay?

  1. I have a small brown leather miu miu bag which i want to sell on eBay, it is in great condition i bought it 2nd hand from a well known store in sydney aus but it just isn't big enough for me!

    Any suggestions on how to do it?? I mean starting price and buy it now etc, to be honest i'm not really sure what this bag would have cost new so it is hard to place a value on it.

    Is any one an avid fan of miu miu - to the point where if i described the bag you would be able to tell me approx what it would have cost new (i'll find out whether i bought it for too much.....!)

  2. Do you have a picture of it? I like Miu Miu.
  3. i'd definitely ask your question at the miu miu forum where you can find out what the bag cost from the miu miu/prada crowd who are SO knowledgeable and then check out the eBay forum as well...there are so many savvy people in this forum i'll bet you get all the info you need...good luck!