2nd hand LVs sold on instagram

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  1. #1 Sep 27, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2012
    Was just wondering if any if you have seen the user ravedshop on Instagram, they seem to have a lot of "preloved" LVs being sold at close to original price. I'm wondering how to tell if they are authentic from the pics. Some of the bag pics have tags which I don't remember being on bags I've bought :/

    //would love to get input from other Instagram users, whether you would call this out or just stay silent about it. :$
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    Without a sales record to back them up, how do you know the bag is even in that person's possession? How would you know the photos weren't stolen? If they want to sell, they'd better be ready to show you where else they've sold and be ready to provide detailed photos for you to have something authenticated, and full contact information. You have to start somewhere to check before simply sending payment to someone unknown.

    Perfect opportunity to be scammed. Think about it.
  3. They seem to have a lot of buyers based on comments.. If they are indeed fakes being pawned off as preloved, I pity the people being tricked into buying! They are still selling for a lot of money. :$
  4. You think someone can't create "buyers"? It's like reading reviews online, a ton of which are planted by the product owner.

    All online buying is based on trust. What do you have to trust in this situation?
  5. Don't worry I'm not interested in buying myself, :smile: i am almost sure its a scam but I'm just wondering if I should say something. I also don't want to falsely accuse people, cause based on the comments, looks like people are buying :sad:
  6. http://instagr.am/p/P3_bT2h0n-/
    This one was even liked by the louisvuitton_paris account on Instagram (which I also am not sure whether its an official account but they still post a lot of nice photos :smile:
  7. If you're "almost sure it's a scam," turn the page and look elsewhere.
  8. I think you're missing the point, I'm debating on whether to post a comment and warn the others or not.
  9. The point stated in your initial post was about authentication. There's an authentication thread here. Aside from using that, following the required format and pictures, or professional paid authentication, you have no information on which to post anything at instagram.