2nd Hand/Gently Used... what do you tell people?

  1. I purchased a Damier trousse on eBay. I was using it today and someone asked where I got it from, I said, "I got it on eBay from a reputable seller." She looked puzzled and said, "Don't they sell fakes? How do you know it's real?" Then I went on to describe tpf and about the Authentic thread. She didn't seemed to believe me.

    Anyways, what's a tactful way of responding to people about your 2nd hand/gently used LV, when they ask, "Where did you get your lovely LV bag?"

    Just curious...thanks!
  2. just don't bother. you don't really have to explain anything to anyone.

    if i had a 2nd hand bag, i'd just go along the lines of saying i got it at the store or as a gift. who the hell asks where you buy a lv bag anyway (although i've had women ask me this as well)? it's such a lame, pointless question. as if they WANT your bag to be fake!
  3. I prefer vintage LV, and just tell them that it's vintage. Mine's 18yo, so at least it's truthful.. I always laugh when sellers on eBay use 'vintage' as simply a nicer way of saying 'secondhand' when the item is only a year or two old!

    If yours is secondhand but not old, I'd simply say the LV store. Why bother explaining to those that don't want to understand, and always have that stupid "oh it's fake" scoff waiting as soon as you stop speaking.
  4. I would just say you got it as a gift. There are so many people that really dont believe Ebay has ANYTHING real. I have also came across people who think Ebay is for all used things and there are absolutely no "NWT" things on there. Egh...to each is own. IMO its non of their business where the heck you got it. But just to be nice, if I get something "used" and I am asked where I got it I say it was a gift or you can say you got it at the boutique.
  5. I just say I got it from the LV Boutique/Store so I don't have to bother explaining to them that its real.
  6. Just say you got it from LV.
  7. Yep, just go with "it's an lv, got it awhile ago."
  8. I don't say anything they don't need to know is prewoned ;)
  9. I simply say louis vuitton, No need to explain to a stranger where I got my bag and what kind of deal I got.
  10. i agree....just said "its an LV".
  11. i got it as a gift...............or its an lv, like other people had said
  12. I've told some people 'ebay' and get the exact same response!
    I now just say I bought it from a friend or from LV.

    However...when I buy something from LV...I TELL my DH it's from ebay LMAO
  13. I agree. I purchased my LV Montsouris MM on Ebay and took it to a store to authenticate for me. A week later my sister-in-law asked me if I paid a lot for it (she has NO style or taste) and where I got it. I said that I purchased it at LV, and that yes, I suppose you could say it was a lot of $$ to pay for a backpack!
  14. I've started saying that my bags are gifts. It's too hard to explain to people where I got it and how much I spent etc and how I know it's real. Plus, it's none of their business anyway.
  15. LOL!:roflmfao: