2nd hand Birkins in Paris

  1. Is it possible to get 2nd hand Birkins at the following stores in Paris?


    LES 3 MARCHES de Catherine B


    Depot Vente du 17eme

    Le Déporte-vente de Buci

    I've also heard that the Faubourg St.Honore store usually gets new shipment of Birkins on Thursdays after 2 PM.... Is this true?:nuts:
  2. Didier Ludot does not sell birkins (the owner has an almost violent aversion to them), but they do have vintage kellys.

    Catherine B has a large selection of birkins (always in the back, hardly ever on display), and lots of kellys - mostly at an outrageous mark-up, but that's a bit like anywhere.

    The 24 Faubourg Hermes does not get regular deliveries of bags - they just get them when they get them. But in the afternoons is a good time to try in any case.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks very much for your info Gina_B :yes:
    Glad you told me here about Monsieur Ludot's hatred towards Birkins, otherwise I will probably be thrown out of the store by asking for them :push:
    I remember from some where that in the afternoon is a better time to try ones luck at finding a Birkin at Faubourg, anyone had such luck yet?

    How are the above stores for some other Hermes and Chanel items (clothing, shoes, bags etc)?
  4. Depot Vente du 17eme

    They get some real goodies in some times
    worth checking every few days/weeks

    I know the scarves are brought into the store by the ladies on Thursday afternoons, I think its Thursdays
  5. Depot is great,
    The owners are my friends and just opened a store in Lisbon called L´adresse parisienne, as the Paris store is closed all August, they brought a black 35 togo birkin with GH, year A, but in good shape! It´s was authenticate at Hermès, they only accept, after going there with the bags,they also have models available now
  6. do a search on 'paris' and you'll find many helpful threads from members who have been there.
  7. It´s actually EXPO VENTE DU 8ÈME, 18 rue Jean Mermoz (Rond-point des Champs Elysées) Tel:
    and they just opened a great store at Lisbon called L´ADRESSE PARISIENNE


  8. Catherine b is good for these other items too.
  9. I've heard this in the past. Good luck!
  10. Catherine-B is really nice - she should have one. Also try the Gérard Avrand Antiquités de l'ile Saint Louis 20 rue des deux ponts 75004 paris isl.antiquites@wanadoo.fr www.isl-antiquites.com, I just bought a Kelly 28 in superb condition there. They are very nice, and prices are reasonable. Good luck!
  11. Great thread - thanks for all the adresses! Going to Paris in october for some serious Hermès-hunting...:graucho:
  12. agreed! i got my first hermes purchases there in 2004 (a collier de chien and medor bracelet) and although i didnt spend a huge amount the staff couldn't have been more helpful. however like all vintage and antique stores you can't really go looking for a set thing- i seem to remember they had a lot of vintage bags from the 1970s in lizard and also the odd kelly.
    and sorry i know it's probably sacrilege but although i love the range of stuff at Didier ludot the shop is kind of grimy and dusty. if i'm paying top dollar for my vintage i don;t want to feel like my vintage couture ([pus what i had on at the time) need to be specially cleaned! last time i was there the floor and rails were dusty and a bit musty...
  13. I accidentally stumbled upon them while in Paris a couple of months ago. I saw a gorgeous vintage blue marine box kelly in the window. It was sold by the time I returned the next day but they were very sweet to this american who speaks very limited french!
  14. I have posted this already under 'What have you seen and where?' thread - Catherine B has a fab birkin now. It must have been a very special order. 30 Birkin Ph vert olive chevre de coromandel - and as if the colour/leather combo wasn't enough, here's the icing on the cake - the lining is vert amande (very light green) in what appears to be a kid type of leather. Price Euro 5000. qqcontact her quick if interested. I wouldn't imagine this one will last very long. www.catherine-b.com
  15. Oh, she also has a 35 gold birkin in clemence. You'll have to ask her price and finish of hardware. I didn't examine it.