2nd gucci sale?

  1. does gucci have two sales during the year? i know ferragamo has a sale going on right now and they will have another one in late june/early july. we missed out on the presale this year. thanks.
  2. Yup, they will have one in early June, presale is probably a week earlier. I found the June sales better.
  3. ^ yeap! already eyeing something and hoping it will go on sale. teehee.
  4. what usually goes on sale in June? The fall/winter stuff? Thanks!
  5. Fall/winter just went on sale. In June, it will be the spring and cruise collection stuff.

  6. hey emald37, is the fall/winter sale at the store? i went on gucci.com, didnt see it on sale. thanks
  7. The sale online has pretty much ended, not everything went on sale though, just select styles. I think there is still one bag left online, but there are several shoes. Just click on the category and there is also a link for sale. In stores, you can find a little more selection left, but many of the good styles have already sold out.
  8. I am itching already for discounted cruise........!!
  9. oooooo coco do share what you have your eye on.... heheeee. i didn't get to get anything during this sale so i'm counting down until the next sale.
  10. well shorty it is no secret I am completely in love with the queen bag.... even the shoes in this style are the best I have seen from gucci. No guarantees they will be on sale though.... ?? OK we seriously have to STOP talking about the june sale right now!!!! HAHAHAAAA..... dec sale is still going and this conversation could go on forever!! hahaaa... oh god i can just imagin the hype come june!! This forum will be on fire....
    I think the cruise collection is the best I have seen in years.... I want it all!!
  11. hey guys...just wondering, when is the fall sale over? I got a invite way back at the end of November, but I just got back to BC yesterday. I'm thinking of hopping over to the boutique in Vancouver soon if it's still on...still need to get mom a Christmas present! Thanks in advance for any input.
  12. coco got my eye on the waist belt with light pink/camel strap and gold leather trim. yummy. nothing that spectacular. hehee.. this is fuuuun hahahha....
  13. now does the june sale have a second cut like the dec sales? thanks.
  14. larrybills i think the gucci sale is basically first in best dressed - in other words until stock lasts - so you might still be in luck.