2nd Gen Foresta

  1. Hello ladies. Are there any words if the discontinued styles will come back with the 2nd Gen. foresta bags? What bag styles are available in the 2nd gen foresta anyway? Anyone know?
  2. When I asked them, they didn't specify styles but said that they'll be ordering the same style they've been ordering in the past - which is pretty much everything.
  3. Excellent! Would you be able to tell me how much a denaro costs with tax included? And also the mamma mia. I'm thinking of getting them if I'm able to. Thanks for replying Maya!
  4. A mamma mia at the ala moana lesportsac costs around 168 with tax. Aqnd a denaro is 84 without tax.... not too sure how much it is with tax though sorry.
  5. The mamma mia is actually $157... and our tax is 4.716 or something close to that.