2nd Fendi B Bag need help deciding!

  1. Okay, this is my 2nd B Bag and I am less sure about this one. I love the style but I am not sure about the color or material. The material is wool, but looks more like felt. The color is a medium camel color w/black velvet trim. I was thinking about exchanging it for the all black w/patent trim. What do you think of this one??


  2. It looks good but I'm a little weary of the material ... it does look like felt in the pics. I'd get the black with patent trim;)
  3. ^^^ I agree. While I like the combo, the felt just doesn't do too much for me. I think part of the problem is that the color combination was done previously. Hence, I'm with asl_bebe, I'd go for the black with patent trim, though I have to add that the bag looks GREAT on you!
  4. I agree this bag looks great on you. I think maybe part of the reason I am not totally feeling it, though, is that the materials on it are wintery, and I'm in a spring mood now! If it were getting toward the end of the summer, I'd say keep it for the fall/winter season, but as it is I think you'll carry the patent and canvas one more.
  5. Thanks everyone for the opinions!!!! While I agree with all of you, I can't help but want to talk myself into keeping it, although I know I probably shouldn't.

    I wish the camel was just slightly lighter. It looks darker IRL than what the pics look like.

    Would I be fooling myself to say with the right outfit I could wear it in summer? It looks best with black wools though. I wanted a two tone B Bag forever.....I know they make the leather two tone as well. hmmmmm....decisions!

  6. Did you get a good deal on it? That always helps me rationalize keeping things I probably shouldn't!
  7. haha, we think alike. Although I didn't pay full price it was still $1100.00. :sweatdrop:
  8. This one looks very mature with the color and material. I would however got for the Patent black instead.
  9. My only concern with this type of material would be keeping it clean (lint gathering on the velvet, etc.). I think leather/patent would be easier to maintain. NO?
  10. I LOVE IT! if im not wrong, it's cashmere? im pretty sure xtina has the same one
  11. I don't wear any of my bags long enough to get dirty, but maybe as fuyumi said, it is a little "mature" looking?? I'm going to have to sleep on it before deciding. I would definitely get more use out of the black one, especially since I still don't have an everyday black bag.

    Thanks for your help Miss H!
  12. Thank you! Yes, I think it is the same one Christina has. It's made out of wool w/velvet trim.
  13. I also love the color, but the wool...oooohhh...I think you should go for the black on black. The last thing you want is to spend all that $$ on a bag, and then get a stain on it.
  14. ooooh cant you keep it AND try and scout a good deal on the patent leather trim another time? ;)

    yes, perhaps its not the most practical b bag ever, but wow, you look so amazing carrying it!!!, and its nice that its a little different.

    sorry, I know im not helping much, but when a bag suits you this well.........................!!!
  15. i would trade it. that wool won't last long.. it'll get dirty!!!