2nd Favorite Color

  1. What is your second favorite Hermes color? For me it's Cobalt Blue for exotic leather (ostrich) and turquoise in non-exotic leather (chevre). But if I must choose between Cobalt Blue and Turquoise, I'll take Cobalt Blue!

    How about you ladies/gents?
  2. As for me, I don't have any bags yet, but I'm seriously considering an orange or fuchsia for my first kelly:love: I truly would love to be able to see them both side to side to make that decision. That would be awesome.
  3. Blue Roi, is def.#1 for me, in ostrich or croc, but rouge vif in chevre is right in second place.
  4. That's tough because BJ and Potiron are pretty much equal as my favs. Probably Turquoise. :yes:
  5. Not sure but rouge h/bleu roi are in a tie for first...and awaiting to see raisin which will fit in the top 3! Oh and fuschia is beautiful as well -- so I guess I can't answer it lol!
  6. SECOND color? I don't even have a FIRST color yet, Kou.......

    ....I've got to get on the color stick pretty quick here otherwise who knows how many gorgeous B bags are gonna slip by because I haven't got a clue......
  7. Vermillion chevre - first choice
    Vert anis togo - second fave
    Potiron chevre - third fave
    Gold chamonix - fourth fave
    Turquoise chevre - fifth fave

    Would you like me to go on? :roflmfao: :nuts: LOL!!
  8. love 'em all...........
  9. BJ/Blue Roi
  10. waiting for the Gold for my 1st
    hoping for a white for my 2nd
    when it finally comes... Priceless
  11. Turquoise or black, but since I have a JPG in BJ, the turquoise might be too close in color.
  12. 1st color: Cocoan
    2nd: Potiron
  13. I'm with shopmom on this one---this question has forced me to pick a favorite--:P

    First would be Sapphire Blue followed by a tie between Rouge VIF and Vert Anis
  14. I feel like i am choosing a favorite kid- it is just impossible! I love them all!
  15. Kou, I wish you wanted a 27 cm bolide...saw it again, completely new, comming out of the box and onto the shelf! (in fushia ostrich of course!!!)