2nd defective Cotton Club in 6 months?

  1. For my 30th birthday I treated myself to the new Cotton Club Tote (which I was waitlisted for). I bought the bag in late March and 4 days later the toggle on the strap broke. I took it to back to Chanel where they offered me 3 choices - 1) Exchange 2) Full Return 3) Swap for a different bag. I chose option 1 since I really wanted that specific bag; and I only had it 4 days.

    Well here I am less than 5 months later and my "new" Cotton Club strap has just snapped. This is the exact same issue that occurred the first time and to be quite honest I am really hoping that my SA Naomi (The Mall at Short Hills) will offer me a full return. Honestly for $2000 I though this one would last me the rest of my life.
    I guess I was wrong. :tdown:
  2. That's terrible! Did the toggle snap both times?
  3. I'm so sorry. I'm sure they will take it back or at least offer to repair it. Do you really beat on your bags?
  4. Yes, the toggle broke both times. And ironically enough I've had the same items in the bag both times it broke - 5 things. Small Coach wallet, small Coach cosmetic case, iPod, PDA, and cell phone. The bag itself weighs more than what I had in it.
  5. yikes that's not good! i'm so sorry that had to happen to u twice :sad: i hope u manage to get a full refund, its unacceptable for a $2000 bag to break TWICE in a row!
  6. They should not only give you your money back but also some token of a good will gesture.... Sorry about your bag (s) how disappointing.:sad:
  7. That's horrible! They better give you a full refund! How long is the Chanel warranty anyways? Keep us posted!
  8. oh man! hope it gets worked out....:confused1:
  9. I hope you get your money back. That should not happen.
  10. How horrible.... Hope you get a full refund
  11. I think they do free repairs for the 1st year. For such an expensive item, I doubt they'll give you a problem. I'm sorry that happened! I'd be so upset!!!
  12. ^^ I wouldn't want a repair... I think that considering this is the second time it happened, I would want an exchange (for a completely different bag, perhaps GST) or a refund.
  13. ^I agree. Maybe try the GST? It looks a lot more sturdy and I haven't read about anyone having any problems with the handles breaking.

    I've heard about people having problems with the Cabas and Expandable line as well. Hmmm...

    You'd think that with the price increases Chanel would bump up quality control accordingly.
  14. This is disheartening to read. I've had my Cotton Club tote since March and so far so good, knock wood. I carry more than you do, but don't overload it. I also don't use it as an everyday bag. I wonder if the scenario would change if it was used more often? It's a great tote but the handle design wasn't thought out properly.

    So it wasn't the link connecting to the toggle that broke but the toggle itself? Other PF members had problems with the link that attaches to the toggle opening up and breaking free.
  15. I have had the same problem with my CC tote. I mentioned the problem to my SA and she offered to send the bag in for repair. Chanel obviously knows about the problem because she said that she has sent other CC totes in for the same problem. They took off the flimsy little metal ring and attached the chain directly to the toggle. The metal ring which originally connected the toggle and chain was MUCH thinner than the other metal parts on the bag and would pull open with just my everyday essentials in the bag. It looks to be much stronger now and my SA says that this has solved the problem for other people. I haven't carried the bag since I got it back, but hopefully this will have solved the problem. I really love the bag, but if this doesn't work, I will have no choice but to return the bag.:sad: