2nd Cole Haan Bag...what do you think?

  1. Cole Haan bags are fantastic!! They're underrated by a lot of people. But it'sa very cute bag. You'll get a lot of use out of it. Go for it!
  2. i love the bag, though the circular handle is a little odd to me.

    but i adore cole haan bags! i use their black village hobo as a work bag, and it's perfect - stylish, very well-made, and i got it on sale, too ;)

    their leather is rich and very soft. my vote is to go for it.
  3. ^

    bella, Do you have a picture of you wearing the village hobo? I am interested in the bag, but not sure of the proportions and the slouch of the bag when worn.
  4. Cole Haan bags are excellent quality.
  5. Gorgeous! I love the leather and style!
  6. I saw this in person and it is BEAUTIFUL! It was on display in the Cole Haan on Rodeo Drive and I almost bought it! (Had to hold back had made too many purchases that day with one of my enabling out of town friends...)

    Anyway - I find that their website photos never do justice to their bags. Being in that Cole Haan store *seriously* made me reconsider giving up my other bags and going straight CH. :yes:

    Okay, I'm breathing normally now. Seriously, that bag was HOT in person. Smelled almost like Hermes leather. (Everyone, I swear my nose never actually touched the bag :blush:)
  7. I've noticed that on NM there are quite a few Cole Haan bags on sale..and this being one of them. It is classy looking bag that also looks as if it would be fun to carry. I don't own any so I can't comment on the quality but I like the bag.
  8. i have the village lunch tote - very very similar in design. same handles. similar size. chocolate brwon in color. the metal clip things on the side are not on mine though. i bought the bag about a year and a half ago and LOVE it still. i get tons of compliments on it. the bag and leather is super slouchy. i own many bags including balenciaga, kooba, hayden harnett, coach, kenneth cole NY, and the cole haan. and the CH is still one of my all time favs.
  9. Looks Great! Never really been a cole haan fan but the bag looks very versatile!:yes:
  10. I purchased the village collection satchel in black two weeks ago. The leather is great and the bag is of great quality!
  11. that is really cute. i love the handle.
  12. I really like Cole Haan. The quality is outstanding, and the leather smells yummy, and they aren't crazy-expensive. I'm on a purse ban, but last week I found an adorable CH at the outlet store that was so reasonable, I could justify buying it. It's the same as this, but in a pretty robin's-egg blue:

    Cole Haan : Women's TOP HANDLE TOTE : Village Grommet Collection Handbags

    Now I can't wait for spring!
  13. I have bought a few CH bags. They are great quality for the money and hold up really well.
  14. too plain for my taste. and i never owned any cole haan before, so can't help u with the quality experience :p