2nd Coach Bag and other things I bought at outlet

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    Looks like this but it is in Black Leather it was marked 398 at outlet but got it for 149 because they could not find another one like it org 498

    A crusher had in a dark purplish/Maroon color in Swede 24.99 outlet org 120

    umbrella beige and tan forgot price on that

    Heart key chain

    Love the outlets
  2. Great stuff, Magicaldancer! I love the outlets, too. I just wish I lived closer to one. But maybe it's a good thing I don't :p .
  3. cant wait for picts!
  4. Great buys - congrats!
  5. Great stuff! Congrats!
  6. how nice..enjoy your new things
  7. $149.00??!!
    Now THAT'S a deal!:yes:

    I also bought the suede bucket hat for $24.95!
  8. great deals you got.
  9. i too cant wait to see pics! you got some AMAZING deals!!!!!
  10. Yes 149 I could not believe it went they told me. Girl I am going out of town for the weekend so I will Post photos of everything when I get back plus I need to buy a new Chip for my Cam in order for the photos to be taken
  11. Congrats. Love that bag...