2nd Child

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Dec 31, 2005
heavensent, oh, I wouldn't mind that, to be potty trained!!! I don't even need him to be off the bottle, just that he'll hold his own bottle without tossing it, I'll be content!!!!


Aug 26, 2008
New York
Well, it took me 8 years to decide I wanted another baby and then I'm sure it wasn't for the right reason. My daughter had lost every realative we had except two grandmothers and mom and dad. She was crying on night and told me she would feel better with a bor or sis. I felt incredibly guilty so decided to try for another. After the first "try" I got cold feet and decided I would stop trying. TOO LATE, baby two was already on the way! When I told a friend of mine she said that it would change how I felt about my daughter. I was so upset I cried for days! Here I was pregnant and not sure I wanted to be and now to hear that the love of my life would be different to me was unbearable. Well, I sucked it up and went through a long, tiresome pregnancy. My son was born on Valentine's day and I was deermined to love them both equally. It wasn't hard as you fall in love with your baby the minute you hold it! He was a more difficult baby in some ways, but was a true joy in others. As he grew it became very obvious that he was MY child, while my daughter was my DH's. So, I am petrified at the thought that the child who mostly belongs to me I almost didn't have. The moral of the story is every child is a blessing and will have a dear place in the family. It will only be a bad place if you let it. I realize this is an old post, so...how did things turn out?:heart::heart::confused1:
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