2nd Child

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  1. As this Mommy is sitting here tonight, I'm eagerly waiting for my results of my blood test to see if I'm withchild again. I've done 3 urine sticks and all came out positive, and I've been feeling funny for the past 2 weeks.

    I'm incredibly nervous (wouldn't have guessed since it's my second time), because my baby boy is only 11 months, and still need a great deal of attention. Don't know how having a child so soon would mix.

    For all you bag loving mommies out there, how does the second child factor into everything? Was it any easier? Some wisdom would be appreciated.
  2. Oh wow, of course you're nervous! I'm sorry I can't be much help, I'm only 22 and don't have any children. My sister in law does however have two small children. Her first one was 15 months when the second one was born, both girls.. AND, her husband has been away in Iraq for the past 2.5 years (he was home about 3 times, she got pregnant then :P ). It's tough for her, but she loves it, she's a stay at home mom and that's what she wants to be. When her husband comes home later this month, they'll be trying for a third right away (she wants a boy!). But, she's not purse obsessed :P

    Good luck with that blood test! I hope it turns out the way you want it too ;) :love:
  3. Congrats if indeed you are expecting. I can't really tell you anything because I am only 20. However my sis has 4 kids. The last 2 back-to-back. One is 15 months, and teh other is 8 or 9. It is hard for her, but she loves it. I think you just need to manage your time, and lots of patience.
  4. No words of wisdom as I only have one baby daughter who is 17 mo. Big CONGRATS and sending you lots of sticky vibes!

    I'm a member of this wonderful online mommy community where one could find answers to almost anything. Google for windsorpeak or baby bargains. Be forwarned though, baby bargains is a misnomer for you'll leave with alot more addictions than when you arrived (latest and greatest baby strollers, baby clothes, european wooden toys and the list goes on and on). ;)
  5. Congrats!!! Suggestions for names...Gucci, Luella, Mulberry, Stam, Dior...LOL
  6. Too funny!

    I don't have any direct advice, but my boyfriend's cousin has 2 young children about 11 months apart. I think it's been extremely hard on her, ONLY because her husband is a marine biologist and has been on a ship for the last few months. She's been overwhelmed taking care of her 1.5 year-old (I'm sure you know what that age is like) and the little baby. However, since there is family nearby, people have been babysitting one (or both) so that she can have a bit of time to herself. I know that she wouldn't trade the experience at all since she had a really hard time conceiving.
  7. Well, I only have one, but we've been thinking about if we are going to have another, and we think of all the positives and negatives. The upside to having children close together (my husband and his sibs are 11 months apart) is that they remain close, plus the child adjusts to the new sibling easier. The older child may become more independent, or there is always the reverse...more needy than ever and resent the baby. I think it's how you approach the pregnancy situation with your child now.

    It's always easier the second time around, you get used to sleepless nights, you don't sweat the small stuff like the first time around. Financially it may cause a strain, unless you plan for it. If you have two kids of the same sex, you don't have to buy as much as you did the first time around.
  8. I too have one but things just work out naturally it seems in these types of situations. Congratulations!
  9. OK...I have TWO kids!

    Now, my children are more than 5 years apart so my situation is very different in many, many ways. I was still concerned about taking attention and time away from the first one or having time and attention left for the second one. I went into labor with my second in the middle of the night and, when I went in to kiss the older one goodbye (while he was sleeping), I whispered an apology to him for what I might be doing to his life!

    That having been said, having my second was the best thing that ever happened to any of us. Just as you love your husband more when you find he's not only a great guy but an amazing dad, you love your child more when you realize they are also a fabulous sibling. My children ADORE each other. My son figures its his job to teach his sister everything and protect her from anything. My daughter figures there is nothing cooler than older boys. Their lives have been enhanced by a degree greater than I could ever imagine by having each other. We were recently on vacation and my son was just incredible, playing all day long with his sister -- a girl, so much younger than him. When my husband complimented him on his behavior, my son said "What else am I supposed to do? She's my sister and I love her?!"

    With one child, you and your husband have a 'play thing'. With two children, you have a real family.

    Another little anecdote...when my sister was expecting her second (my sister is older than me, I had no kids at the time), she was nervous about all the same stuff. She called me and asked if I ever felt 'lesser' because she was the precious first born. I said "No, of course, not. I was the precious baby!" We each felt that our role gave us total primacy in the household. That's the secret -- each child is the very "best" because they are the only "them".

    Congratulations. Its OK to be nervous and worried but its the BEST thing!
  10. well my brother and my sister are only 11 MONTHS apart! my parents worked fast. they seemed to turn out ok, now 29 and 30 yrs old. so it could work out.
  11. Thank you all for your well wishes and advice thus far. It has been confirmed, I am 4 weeks along, oh boy, here we go again. :sick: --that's what I'm going to be doing for the next couple of months.
  12. Thank you Issmom, hope my children turn out as adoring of each other as yours.
  13. wow congratulations - are you wanting a boy or girl :smile: any prefferance LOL
  14. Set an example and they will follow!
  15. Since I already have a boy, I'd like a girl (to be greedy). Having another boy would be good for my son now cause he'll have a playmate. So at this point, either would be a blessing.
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