2nd Chanel purchase since early 1990's

  1. O.K. here's the deal. I haven't purchased a chanel bag since the early 90's and decided just recently to make a purchase.

    I couldn't stop wanting, thinking and dreaming about the White Timeless Clutch.

    Needless to say, I'm expecting.......just waiting for the fedex to deliver. It should come sometime tomorrow and now I'm having second thoughts. I was contemplating maybe getting something a little bigger.

    Should I return it and purchase something bigger or should I at least give the clutch a chance??? Please help!!!

    Should I keep it? Tpfer's do you love the clutch??? What are the advantages or disadvantages of this bag.

  2. Anybody.......any suggestions??? For those who own the timeless clutch; what is your opinion of it???

  3. i think the clutch is gorgeous but i have no use for it, i would get something that is more practical, but that's just me.
    please post pics when you get it.
  4. I will post pics when I receive it. Thanks for your advice.

    Calling all clutch owners..............HELP!!!
  5. I love the timeless clutch, but I think its less practical than some of the other bags. For a little more money the EW flap gives you more versitility and can still be used as a clutch. I love both the clutch and EW, but if I had to choose one it would be EW. Also PST is a nice bag.
  6. I will look into the E/W flap. Does it have a detachable strap? TIA
  7. No, but you can hide the strap inside the bag to use as a clutch if u want ;)
  8. i personally don't use clutch much... so i'd prefer to get something bigger that i can use most of the days
  9. I love mine.
    I don't use it everyday, but I do carry it casually in the daytime.
    It fits a surprising amount.
    I have a 3 year old and the clutch is large enough to put his Nintendo DS in addition to my LV cles, my cell phone, a camera and a baggie filled with wipes.

    IMO, because of the more "bubbly" shape it holds more than the E/W.
  10. Wow that's a long time in between Chanels!
    I think you will know if you love it when you see it. The clutch is definitely not an everyday bag, it's pretty small so you use it for going out at night.
    It really is a beauty though. Show us pics when you get it!
  11. Yes it is a long time since Chanel. You should see my chanel bag it looks brand new; just like the day I bought her. The bag has a tassel with a chanel ball attached to it with etching on it. Also the chain on the bag is bezeled.

    I also have a small chanel bag that holds money, cc's and misc. It kind of looks like the denim speedy case pm. It is black caviar and beautiful. I will post pics when I get a chance.
  12. if you like the clutch keep it. Personally, I prefer bigger bags so I can wear every day.
  13. I love the timeless clutch, am thinking of one myself......I have an e/w, you can remove one side of the strap so that you can put the entire chain inside the bag however you are left with the holes on top of the bag......even still I love it. I do think the clutch holds more than the e/w and actually think it would make a nice bag for me to use when I carry around my LARGE briefcase as it is difficult to manage the large briefcase (when I need to carry around more files) and a purse so I could just fit the clutch inside the briefcase....... anyway, you'll know if you love it when you get it....
  14. Your right.......I guess I will know when I see it. I'm very excited about receiving it. Of course I always get excited when ever I received any kind of package from fedex or ups. It is a rush. I know that everyone probably feels the same when they are expecting something.

    Your heart pumps and your pulse begins to speed up when you get the package and begin to unwrap it. You then take a deep breath and slowly open the box and there it is..................relief!!! LOL
  15. Oh and I forgot to add. You then begin to :drool: and do the :happydance: