2nd Chanel Purchase - Dream Bag - Help!


Jun 25, 2009
Happy Sunday Everyone!

I will soon be making a decision on my 2nd Chanel bag - my HG for that matter.
I purchased my first ever Chanel piece back in June (Cavier Half-Moon Woc SHW) in Vegas as a little congratulations present for paying off my student loans! (Some of you may remember from my previous threads) :smile:

My HG bag is the Classic Black Cavier 2.55 in GHW. I wanted something with GHW more so for evening outs and fancier occasions (weddings, dinner parties etc) but did not want it to be limited to just those outings. I know I can wear it dressed down as well which is why I was leaning towards that size as it is more versatile.

After scowling through the forum and looking at pictures and other posts, I am now wondering if I should go for the Jumbo. This will probably be my ONLY flap bag for a long time unless I win the lottery lol. Pros on the jumbo is that I can use it more so on a casual basis for the weekends because of the size as it can carry more. I want to be able to use the bag I buy as much as possible because of the price, it would be a waste to have it sit in my closet for only special occasions. The problem with the larger Jumbo is that it's too big for more formal occasions (enter my half moon woc, as I have used it as a clutch, mini shoulder bag etc and I LOVE IT)

What do you all think? Which size is the better choice and which size is more practical? If I go for the Jumbo, I think I would want the SHW because I would want it more as a casual weekend bag and not so much as a formal dressier bag. If I go for the classic 2.55 I think I would do the GWH.

I know they are both completely different but I am having trouble deciding.. all opinions and personal experiences with each are welcome! I appreciate all your time and thank you in advance for helping me decide when I finally am able to purchase it :smile:


Jan 24, 2012
I have the Jumbo and the M/L Flap. Definitely go with the Jumbo. The M/L, while it was my first bag and I absolutely love it is not practical for daily use. It doesn't fit much and you will get more use from the Jumbo. Good luck!!! :smile:


Aug 18, 2012
" I wanted something with GHW more so for evening outs and fancier occasions (weddings, dinner parties etc) but did not want it to be limited to just those outings. "

I would go with the classic M/L GHW in lambskin.


Jan 4, 2013
I think most people will vote jumbo, but I really love the M/L. The size just seems so elegant and so 'Chanel' to me. However, only get the M/L if you can make the size work for you. Since getting into Chanel I have downsized dramatically what I carry...and funny enough I don't miss my big bags or the accroutrements I used to carry in them. Black caviar ghw medium flap...you can not go wrong with that beauty.
Dec 29, 2012
It sounds like you wanted medium GHW from the start so I would get that. U can dress it up or down bc its versatile and an essential piece to have and jumbo is larger and you won't be able to use it for evenings out. But if u already have the half moon and you only wanted an everyday casual bag for that and weekends then jumbo is the way to go so then u can use your half moon for evenings and special occasions.


Sep 17, 2013
I will suggest you to buy jumbo with GHW. You already have you WOC for evening out. But I think Jumbo with GhW is fit for evening out,too. The gold hardware make it more lux and glamour in my opinion.


Nov 2, 2009
I recommend a Classic 10" but don't buy a new one ....search for pre owned ..most important thing if you buy from reseller it must be a well trusted one ..make a good research then you will sure get a good bag with a reasonable price and still have some money left to start dreaming new project again sooner.
Wish you all the best!