2nd Chanel ~ Just In Time For X'mas!!! Bliss! (^.^) ~


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Jul 15, 2007
Sunny Sunny Island
Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to share my New Mini, in Black Caviar SHW! :love:

I have always wanted to buy a CF but the prices now are insane!

Thus, thought this is a good option as I'm mostly in casual wear and need to carry my daughter (she is coming to 7mths :biggrin:).

Below is a review of the bag;
  • Outlook: Super Cutez! No complaints. Haha
  • Material: The soft caviar has a shiny sheen to it, which I really like it. Seems to be waterproof? Hmm... Don't think it will lose its shape that easily. And as it is soft, even if one tends to overstuff it, the shape will resume back easily I guess. Both sides tend to bulge out but it doesn't really bother me.
  • Chain Material: Does have the squeaking sound and entangle easily. Guess it is because the leather strap is entwine too tightly with the metal chain. Hope that with frequent usage, it will get better.
  • Chain Length: I'm at 1.63m & just nice when I wear it cross-body (which is what I intended to wear it most of the time)! When I wear it on shoulder with double strap, it is too long and the proportion of the bag and chain looks abit funny on me. Definately have to shorten it and try again. I really like the look of tucking in the chain and holding it as a clutch.
  • Capacity: Bigger than what I have expected. It can contain my iPhone, a small wallet, key pouch and a compact powder. The nitty gritty essentials all can fit in.
Ok, a reveal cannot do without MOD pics right? I have took a few below! :P

P.S I ding dong back & forth since Aug to decide on the colour & material, from black caviar to black lambskin, then to red lambskin, back to light brown caviar, red caviar. Finally back to Black caviar.! Hahahaha, yes I know I sound crazy, but it is so hard to choose from when I don't see it IRL.



**waving at you**
Oct 19, 2009
Congratulations, you look so pretty and your daughter is utterly adorable!