2nd chanel: caviar GST w/ gold h/w or caviar baguette flap

which bag would you buy?

  • black caviar GST w/ gold h/w

  • black caviar baguette w/ silver h/w

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Jul 22, 2007
I am looking into purchasing my 2nd chanel - oh how addicting it is! which bag would you buy?
My 1st chanel was a flap but not a classic one....the soft handle flap. i want a classic but i also love the GST. the silver h/w is completely sold out at the moment, but i like the gold too.

any opinions are welcome :smile: TIA


NE Born OH Bred
Jul 6, 2007
Depends on what you are looking for in your next purse. I love my GST. It is a great purse for work or out shopping. If you really want the silver hw, can the let you know when they will get more in stock?
I am not certain what you mean by the baguette flap. If you mean an e-w flap or m/l flap, those are great purses for evenings or (for the m/l) a day into night purse for those who don't carry much.


Aug 29, 2006
I would vote for the GST in either gold or silver h/w depending on what jewelry you wear and what looks good on you. The GST is a classic and fits alot of thing. It might get heavy but I still love mine. The GST is a good everyday bag. The baguette ( I am assuming is the E/W flap ) is small and only fits your essentials and good for going out. I don't know which bag you need. But hope that helps.