2nd chance offer - legit?

  1. I was outbid on this auction today and within minutes if the close, the seller sent me 2nd chance offer. She claimed to have canceled the winning bidder's offer due to poor feedback. Do you think this is legitimate? Is this common? Should I take the offer? Seller has only been registered since Sept and has never sold such an expensive item. Thanks for the advice!

    eBay: Balenciaga Motorcycle Metallic Magenta Classique Le Dix (item 190071123306 end time Jan-15-07 18:46:55 PST)
  2. Hi first check to see if the second chance offer came through my messages in your eBay page. If it came through there then it is valid. However, I wouldn't take the SCO on this item because the seller is relatively new and they have made the bidders IDs private. This screams shill bidding to me, they may be using other accounts to artificially increase the prices and then when they win their own auction, they send a SCO to the second highest bidder. But it's up to you. Good luck.
  3. If you decide to take the SCO, I suggest you pay through paypal by credit card.
  4. Definitely check in your messages on your eBay page. If it doesn't show up there it is probably fake. A spoof email. If that's the case then report it to eBay.

    I had a second chance offer sent to me on an item I never bid on! You have to be really careful with those. You can also contact the seller to see if it really is a second chance offer. Good luck!
  5. Depends on how it was sent. Do you see a record of it in your Ebay 'mailbox'? If not, it's not real. Even if so, such a fast SCO can indicate shill-bidding. I'm always VERY wary when I receive an SCO within minutes of the auction close. The seller is obligated to sell to the high bidder unless that bidder's account (through feedback or location) violates the terms of the auction. No way they could speak to a seller in a matter of minutes so if it does come that fast, IMO it's fishy.
  6. I agree with the above...first check your ebay messages, even send a "ask seller a question" and ask if she/he sent you the SCO.
    I also agree that it sounds like shill bidding, but if you don't mind the price and you feel comfortable, go for it.
  7. Well, it is a good price so if you want it, go for it. But, in addition to checking your EBay mailbox, you should send the seller an e-mail through the "contact seller" button on the auction page. Another PFer was offered a a second-chance BBag yesterday. She contacted the seller, who responded and said it was a scam.

    Also, do pay by CC.
  8. joolluver is right.
  9. I've offered SCO if I have more than one item. It the item sold for a good price, rather than list the second one and start another auction, I'll just offer the next bidder SCO. It saves a lot of time.
  10. I once accepted a SCO. The seller had 2 of the same item so this was a way to sell both. It is hard to tell when you are being scammed. The only thing you can do is take every precaution possible.
  11. I have to admit I love the bag but it looks like someone was shill bidding!!!