2nd Birkin??? Pls help!!!

  1. :confused1: I am confused.. I really want a red birkin, & the only one Red Birkin that is offered is an Epsom with GH, size 35. What do you think?? Is it a good buy? Pls I need advices. Thanks
  2. Do you like the leather? Which red is it?
    The most important question is: Do you love the bag?
  3. MaryAnne, have you seen the bag? Do you like it (the leather, colour, size)?
  4. Oh no...Not yet! That's why I am confused, I have seen it thru email picture, but haven't touched it yet. I don't even know how epsom leather looks like. My other birkin is Togo. I just want to know your opinion on epsom leather, because i want a lighter birkin this time. Thanks
  5. MaryAnne, I remember you started a thread earlier asking for help on your second birkin. Have you decided to take Epsom instead of Cherve?

    Would you be able to visit the store to look at the swatch or other bags/small accessories they have in epsom? Otherwise, my advise would be to read the threads in this forum. There're plenty of useful information about this leather that members have discussed before. Just type search "Epsom" using the "Search this forum" function at the top right hand.

    If the red you mentioned is Rouge Garance, it's a very beautiful red.

    Take a look at the different shades of red here:

  6. I have a red 35. I really love it. Epsom is either a leather that you love...or don't. (Mine is togo) It does have good qualities. Hope you can get to a shop and see what epsom looks like in person.
  7. Thanks Everyone!! I really have to make a decision with this. I have read all the old threads regarding the Rouge Garance color & epsom leather. It looks nice.....I just have to think more. Once I have it, i will surely post the picture. Thanks again for all your help.
  8. Rouge garance in epsom looks like strawberry (beautiful yes) but not red red. I returned that bag for a rouge in clemence.............