2nd Birkin in gris tourterelle or black?

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  1. I already have a 35 in gold clemence. I'm contemplating this color of grey or black. Does the gris get dirty quickly? I'm holding off on the black because I'm worried about scratches.
  2. If you already have gold, I would go with black, unless it's box/swift leather you don't need to worry about scratches.
  3. i worry about scratches because i because i use all my bags as everyday/school bags which mean they get a lot of use and consequently some wear. I love clemence but i've managed to scratch it...a little bit.

    i hate togo btw.

    i'd like to thank my dear father for this bag as a 19th birfday gift.
  4. i've been LOVING gris lately!
  5. Please say you did not just write the word birthday as birfday! I am not picking on you but I had to chuckle inside when I saw that! :amuse:

    I would go with Black. Sounds to me like Gris T will get dirty as a school bag and judging by your avatar it looks like your bags live a wild life!!!
  6. I guess in that case you would scratch your bags regardless of colour? As Designingstyle said if you are heavy on your bags than a darker colour would be your best bet unless you want to be continually wiping the lighter colours down with baby wipes.
  7. I'm not going to be much help I'm afraid, I have both Gris T (clemence) and Black (Fjord) and love them both dearly. What about something darker than Gris T but lighter in color than black like graphite?
  8. If this is your predicament I would go for graphite it's the middle color not black not grey the most elegant combo in this bag is graphite with ghw divine and you know I would also consider raisin as it's one of what I call hermes mystery colors looks dark almost black and in some lighting conditions a deep purple but if anything I would go for graphite hope this helps darling .birkel.
  9. I pick Noir. Black is resistant to dirt and definite neutral.

    If you like a pop of colour; Adroise, Graphite, Raisin, Etoupe, Chartreuse, Rubis, Vert Bronze, just some suggestions.
  10. more choices. this is harder than choosing my major. the dark green colors of vert olive and vert veronese (SP?) are hot as well, but i'm also leaning for the graphite or gris tourterelle after much introspection. WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD?

    whatever i get, i'll be happy and fortunate and use it daily.
  11. My dear these adversities are the ones that I look for I love them and I love the sarcasm but if this is truly it I would go for graphite my first birkin was black and gold I love it it's now soft and vintage looking but ......... If I were to do it all over again I would not buy black it's there it's classic it's perfect but it's black I wear my black bag and I feel happy only because mine is swift and they are harder to find but since you have gold that is the other fundamental color .and you want another classic go for graphite it's rich and plush even less cold than Gris and not as defined as etoupe , graphite with phw is strong and classic with gold it's so very elegant it's like if they broke out apiece of the pont alexander in Paris and made it the bag, the strong grey with the soft gold is so perfect. And if you get the chance go for this . No more options go for graphite but hurry it is being rested.hope it helps.birkel
  12. while i haven't finalized anything, i'm-a probably go fo' the graphite with phw.

    is the 40 in clemence noticeably heavier than the 35?
  13. Hmmmm no not really but my 40cm in fjord is heavy !