2nd bbag! INK CITY! Yippee!!!


Aug 16, 2006
Denver, Colorado
:love: wow, that is scrumptious leather! Aaaaaaaaaaah, how I love ink:love: . Always makes me happy to see ink. I even get happy when I hear the word "ink." love your ink, jadecee! Looks great on you.

Bag Fetish

Iphone Addict!
Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
the bag looks beautiful on you, the color is yummy :smile: Congrat's.

VERY happy now!!! Let me introduce you to a familiar love.... 06 Ink City!!!

Woohooo!!!! I am extremely proud to present my first City and my second bbag.. the very much loved new addition to what I can now call a "family" and something to keep my Pewter First company. :love:

Muchos Gracias to 'C' for sharing the Inky love! Love ya gal!!! :heart: :flowers:

First pic with NO flash:

Pic with Flash:

Pic of me carrying it:

Close up pic of me carrying it:

Thanks for letting me share my happiness and thanks to everyone for posting up their lovelies!!!