2nd bbag! INK CITY! Yippee!!!

  1. VERY happy now!!! Let me introduce you to a familiar love.... 06 Ink City!!!

    Woohooo!!!! I am extremely proud to present my first City and my second bbag.. the very much loved new addition to what I can now call a "family" and something to keep my Pewter First company. :love:

    Muchos Gracias to 'C' for sharing the Inky love! Love ya gal!!! :heart: :flowers:

    First pic with NO flash:

    Pic with Flash:

    Pic of me carrying it:

    Close up pic of me carrying it:

    Thanks for letting me share my happiness and thanks to everyone for posting up their lovelies!!!
  2. I love it. the color is gorgeous. congrats!
  3. Congrats~~Love love Ink
  4. YEAH!!!! congrats :yahoo:
  5. It's lovely!!!
  6. OH *YAY* JAdacee, finally got it!! congrats girlie... love it on you, looks fabulous!!!!!
  7. Congrats, I adore INK it's a wonderful everyday bag!
  8. You lucky girl, Congrats :yahoo: it looks awsome on you. Enjoy.:love:
  9. That is one perfect ink city...hope i find one one day!
  10. congrats! the leather on your ink city looks amazing...love it!
  11. The ink is such a great color and your leather looks really nice!! Congrats!!
  12. Congrats ... I absolutely love the ink color and the leather looks beautiful!
  13. Thanks ladies! I love her SO much!

    catcat - I agree that it's such a great everyday colour. Loving how it's a staple with a twist.

    nanaz - I know you've been looking for one for awhile - I hope you get one that meets all your expectations and beyond!

    Yesterday I took her out for the first time, today I decided to add an old earring that I don't wear much anymore as a purse charm. I'm liking it! I'll try and take a pic of that later tonight so I can see what you guys think of it.

    YAY again!! Thanks for letting me share!!!
  14. Congrats on your new beautiful addition. The ink city looks great on you. I want one!!!
  15. Congratulations jadecee, I especially love the color (almost purple) it has in your last pic. Is it as purple IRL as it seems to be in that last picture?