2nd bbag in 2 years!

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  1. Today I went to Oxford street and of course had to pop in to selfridges, after much deliberating I bought an amythest CP IN rh. They had two in stock, the display and the one I bought which was more saturated, even though it is lighter in some parts. I love the colour and there is nothing like a balenciaga as a pick me up. The CP is already very special to me as my late nan loved shopping in selfridges so in a way it is something for me to remember her by!:yes:

    n.b. - my camera is charging so I will post pics tomorrow night, about 7pm GMT!
  2. Good for you! Glad you picked up something to make you feel good and especially to remember a loved one by. :heart:
  3. awww that is sweet....:heart::heart:
  4. Very sweet! Congrats!
  5. Congrats! What a lovely way to remember your nan

  6. I'll bet it's beautiful! Am looking forward to your pics!
  7. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics!!
  8. Congratulations!! How lovely. Can't wait to see pics. :smile:
  9. That's lovely! And I must say that you're very disciplined to only get 2 in 2 years! Congratulations!
  10. Oh,congrats!!.can't wait to see the picture.
  11. Congrats too, can't wait to see pics!~
  12. congrats!! would love to see the photos~
  13. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics!