2nd Bal bag: Twiggy or Part time?

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  1. hi all, i got my first bal bag last dec, RH city. now i am thinking of getting the 2nd one. gosh, it's so addictive...

    i was just wondering if i should get a twiggy or part time? i am only 5'2, skinny thou. i want to have the Pourpre color, RH as well. although i like giant hardware, it's kinda heavy for me.

    so which one is better? opinions please....
  2. Aaahhh, pourpre RH PT is gorgeous. I love mine. I'm 5'1" and don't find it too big. I have twiggy too and it's a great size. I don't think you could go wrong with either. Depends how much space you want.
  3. I also dont think you can go wrong with either, I personally prefer the PT. I think its a lovely style, however if you are looking for something smaller go with the twiggy.
  4. I wouldn't go thinking the Twiggy is in any way small. It holds tons of stuff. Over the weekend I dumped loads of shopping bits and pieces and it still didn't even look stuffed. The Twiggy is a great size and very deceptive. I have never owned a Part-Time though. IT'S a lovely bag too.
  5. There are lots of pics on here with people carrying Twiggys and part-times - I spent ages looking thru before I opted for my Twiggy - which is just the perfect size for me (5ft 4" - size UK 10)- I think it can hold a deceptive amount of stuff! There is a post somewhere that indicates it can hold the same amount as a city? As I haven't got a PT I cannot compare!
  6. Twiggy is a great bag! It looks smaller but hold a TON of stuff. I don't own the part time so I couldn't comment on it.
  7. thank you thank you. either twiggy or PT, now that i just need to find out if pourpre is still available. i have never seen twiggy in the states. emailed aloha rag. they do carry the twiggy style, but not in the pourpre color. probably i have to go to paris again? haha...
  8. I have both and I don't really know which I like better! they both work for me and I probably go for the pt when I'm traveling and want to load it up. The twiggy is a great everyday bag, it does hold plenty. The strap is longer on the pt which I do like. They are both a east/west design. I don't know, I guess they are both good options, sorry.
  9. part time
  10. Part Time!
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    I would go for the PT!

    I am super short, like you, and I love the way that my PTs hang when carried by the shoulder strap. Unless it's packed full, my PTs take on a crescent shape and hit me just below the hip.

    Also, the handles on a PT are more generous, even with RH. PTs are more versatile because you can carry with the shoulder strap, by the handles like a tote, or by the handles over your shoulder. If you're super skinny, the Twiggy will fit over your shoulder by the handles, but IMO doesn't look as good as the PT when carried that way. (But I do love my Twiggy, too!!)

  12. I've seen Twiggies at Bal boutiques, and also at Nieman Marcus (in the LV store as recently as December). If you call around, the SAs should be able to check the inventory for you! :flowers:
  13. twiggy is cute! not sure i really like the pt shape as much as a city
  14. Twiggy
  15. I agree! I'm 5"2" and I feel that the crossbody strap is just right for my height. It is the most versatile bag I've ever own and it looks great whether the bag is full or not. You can't go wrong with it!:smile: