2nd and 3rd..... all in one day!


i need a vacay
Apr 26, 2007
sunny southern california
hello ladies,

as some of you might know, i just scored my very first chanel a few days back. and may i add, it's one cute mango!

so after the first chanel high wore off i've been loooking around ebay like a crazy lady in hope to continue my chanel high

so this is what happened.....

got my 2nd and 3rd bag all in the matter of 1 hour!


pics to come!

and SERIOUSLY, i've exhausted my funds.... will have to save up some more to dig myself a deeper hole!

just wanted to share my joy!:yahoo:


I love my Chihuahuas
Jun 25, 2008
Congratulations! I love that feeling! Wear them in good health and post pics when you get them! Enjoy!