2ND ADIOS STAR ZUCCA: To Keep or Not to Keep?

  1. So I got yet another Adios Star Zucca the other day, and I'm debating whether tho keep it or let it go. I like the front a lot. The back kindda sucks a little...:sad:

    Opinions, please??
    cuties 046.jpg cuties 048.jpg cuties 054.jpg cuties 052.jpg
  2. question: why do you have two....

    i personally wouldnt keep it... you only have 2 full characters in the front and the back has 2 of the 3 characters i dont like... momo and the dog. hMm... i dont like the candy either lol
  3. It has some nice characters on it, but for me, it would need to have Sandy on it to be worth keeping, but that's just my opinion. Are your favorite characters on it? If so, I say keep it. If not, well then maybe sell it...:shrugs:
  4. The back of it is better than the back of mine but I love love love the front of mine. I think the front of this one is okay. It could be better but could be worse too. I don't remember what your first one looks like. Can you post pics again of your first one? :graucho:
  5. *sigh* where'd you buy it from? I need to find me a nice AS Zucca...but needs to have the rainbow, lattes, momo bella peach or else yeahhh lolz. god I ask for too much. I guess that's why I still do not have one lmfao.

    But yeah, why'd you get two?
  6. You know, I don't ever remember seeing a zucca w/the rainbow on it. :confused1:
  7. Me neither until I saw this one. It has great placement, but, alas, no Sandy.
  8. DREAMS..oh a rainbow...........I want one. Too bad that one is too expensive for my taste and I am still on ban. I am hoping my bf will let me get one after I get my $1000 check ;)
  9. I love the front... and the back won't really be facing anyone... haha so I guess you should just pick which you like better :yes: I'd vote for keeping it~
  10. Oh that is cute! :drool:
  11. The "why do you have two" question is kind of silly for me...I have multiples of mostly EVERYTHING I like...It's just the addictive overboard personality I have.:shrugs:

    As far as my favorite characters, I love the Pink Latte and Bastardino & Polpettina, although they're a little cut off...But the back is not me...I really don't like Momo Peach and the Killer Candy...

    But it's not like I'm trying to chose between my first and second Zuccas. The first one I'm definitely keeping. I just don't know if I should keep the second one as well...

    Here's the first one...
    ASZ 004.jpg ASZ 005.jpg
  12. I was just gonna say...videomasterz is selling hers! And it has the rainbow on it!:yes:
  13. is videomasterz a eBay name or LJ name? hmm.

  14. I found my perfect zucca @ macys a month ago; too bad I was broke and did not buy it. By the time I could aford it it was gone. It was just like that one but it was down about an inch so Sandy was above the zipper, the blue latte was just bellow the zipper and the brown cactus kid and rainbow were bellow that. None of the were chopped off. I am still looking for one just like it
  15. ;)