$2k: Too much for the Watercolor Speedy?

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  1. I know limited editions fetch more than store prices once they sell out, but is $2000 a pipe dream on the seller's part? For argument's sake, let's assume it is authentic. She is also selling it with receipt, box, dust bag. And no, the seller is NOT me. The most I've paid for an LV is $1600 at the store, so that's why I'm asking the PF experts 😊
  2. Depends on the condition of the bag.
    But if you look at the sold listings $2000 is the average price they went for.
  3. For that old bag? Nah! Lol! Get u a nice new bag...that bag is very dated and overpriced IMO. I could see if someone found a great deal, like $700 or so, and only to add to a collection and not actually carry.
  4. Overpriced IMO ! as said before it's quite old, ok it's a LE but 2k...

    If it's brand new unworn with perfect virgin vachetta, ok. Used ? no way !
  5. It's a beautiful bag that I wish LV would bring back, but I wouldn't pay $2K for a used bag.
  6. Way too much for a LE- unless brand new and you were dying to have it. I also think it looks a bit dated, although beautiful.

  7. Lv will never bring this style back that's the beauty of LE however if you need a discount for it, it's probably not worth it.
    IF the condition is extremely good, 2k is reasonable for this gorgeous piece.
  8. It's a beautiful bag but I wouldn't pay that much for one.
  9. I've always loved it but couldn't afford it when it was released. Now that I can afford it, I'm not willing to pay for it! I wouldn't pay 2K, even if it was in perfect condition....but I would if it was my HG. Is it your HG?
  10. +1!
  11. Be patient .... I know it is hard! :smile: These do come up quite often for resale but (like the Kusama Speedy) some are ridiculously overpriced! I personally like this bag and almost bought one, but did not from a reputable ebay seller last year. As a point of reference on price, I had negotiated her down to $1400 on a 30 size that was in near perfect condition.

    If this is your HG.... don't give up, your bag is out there for less than 2k!
  12. Overpriced
    but.. if it's in top shape and you want it now
    I can imagine doing that
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    I think it is a lot but this is not one of my favorite bags. I also think it looks a bit dated and always thought it was too cutesy for me. But if it's your dream bag, then go for it! It is an LE so price is not going to be representative of the original cost - the demand will drive the price so it's whatever you are comfortable with paying.
  14. Overpriced. Keep looking, you will find a better deal.
  15. The price of a LE Watercolor Speedy size 30 is just whatever the market will bear. The 30 will fetch way more than the 35 because the 30 was not released in the US.

    I have a 30 and I paid a pretty penny for it because:

    I wanted it badly
    It was in perfect condition
    I'm a real fan of pink and girly patterns for accessories
    It goes with a lot of my wardrobe

    I'm glad I got it and its a thrill to carry it. To each his own I suppose. :cloud9: