2jours dark red or balenciaga

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  1. I am a lover of balenciaga bags and it is seldom that i buy other brands. All i got aside from my bbags is a givenchy antigona and pandora. I'm eyeing this 2jours dark red and i'm thinking if this is worth it considering its cost? Pls help.
  2. It is so worth it in my opinion. I know it's pricier than Bal bags but the quality is incredible. You can wear it two ways and the mixture of the saffiano and softer leather makes it very durable. I say go for it. The dark red is amazing!
  3. Its really pricey specially where in where i live. Does the gold parts lighten or tarnish?
  4. it is really heavy?
  5. I've only had mine for almost a month so I can't speak to the tarnishing. But I have another Fendi bag with gold that I've had for over a year and it's pristine.
  6. hi there - it's not heavier than a Celine Mini Luggage but heavier than the Prada Saffiano tote because of the mixed media approach to the leather and the details. I have the medium and it comes with a shoulder strap so that's a way to alleviate the weight issue if you have it.

    I never use the shoulder strap and think the bag is very manageable handheld. But it's nice to have the option. :smile:
  7. I will usually go for the large size which means it will be heavier...but you are right abt the mixed medium approach...just like peekaboo with the middle metal portion....
  8. For me I think 2Jours is lighter than Peek-a-boo with fully calfskin. However the strap could help to reduce weight when you carry on your shoulder.