2ctw diamond stud questions{s}

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  1. For those of you that have bought them, sell them or like to research things to death first {like me and Mr. Swank}, what are we looking at here?

    I've began my research because I want the best & biggest diamonds for a fair price.
    I have seen similar qualities for VERY broad price ranges.
    I've been to a few retail stores and for a pair of studs between 1.92-2.11 I have seen the prices range from $12k to $20k. The colors and clarities were VERY similar, and let me also say that the 1.92 were not the cheapest pair, they were about $18k.

    I'm not a dope when it comes to choosing gems and we almost always buy from a broker in Houston where I'm almost positive I can score an equally nice pair for closer to $8k.
    But like I said, I like to pretty much beat it to death before choosing. . . .
    But does anyone have any surefire tips or knowledge?

  2. When we got a pair (much smaller :P ) for our daughter, the jeweler was careful about how the two stones matched--color, size, table etc. I think that's part of the process, and part of the pricing.

    I'm in Houston too, I'm assuming your going to that glass building on Richmond, yes?

    Happy researching :yes:

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    ^Yes, we have a 'friend' there names x:yes:
    We pretty much always rely on him for jewelry, he Fed-Exs us a bunch to choose from. But I like to research first and compare to the loot he sends:lol:
  4. you did not mention the cut. are you looking for ideal cut? i think that would influence the price difference. i hope you find what you want. they will be beautiful. i would love 4ctw but that's not happening.
  5. i have a pair of 2 ctw earrings, and i wear them daily! i love them to death, but keep in mind that you want to do all your research and get an ideal cut stone(s)...that's probably the difference in price you are seeing in stones with similar color and clarity. totally not an expert though, but just my opinion i guess...good luck!
  6. I want round and I guess I want 'ideal cut'{?} hadn't thought much past knowing I want round, 2 ctw, excellent cut and color and really good clarity.
  7. I am not good help here, but I just wanted to say that someday I would love that much bling on my ears too!! :amuse: :happydance:

    good luck finding them swank!!
  8. are you familiar with whiteflash.com? They are fantastic. I am getting studs from them (not 2ct yet...) their ACA stones are amazing! They even have the ability to upgrade them. Check out the website and then give them a call, they are so helpful and able to get you what you want pretty reasonably!

    Expecting earshots when you get them!
  9. Swanky, have you looked at Sams Club yet? For the money you can't beat them and the quality control is out of this world. They have some right now that are 2 ctw f color vs2 for 12,5k. All of their stuff is matched so you won't get two totally different stones. Great stuff they have there, just go to samsclub.com and look in the delivery section after clicking on jewelry. If you need any help at all pm me, 20+ years in the biz I'm happy to help you:yes:
  10. the prices might range so greatly because of who is grading the diamonds... if it is a more reputable place, like the GIA, it'll cost more than one of the less strict places. I had jewelry made for my mom from whiteflash, like msflutter recommended, it was very nicely done and my mom loves it. the service was great. but if you have a jeweler that you like working with I'm sure he'll find exactly what you're looking for and give you a good price.

    But what a fun purchase to be researching - I'm sure they'll be beautiful!
  11. I'm researching 1.5 tw and there really is a big difference in prices. Like you I want the best cut and clarity. It will be awhile before we purchase. Good luck. I can't wait to see them on your ears!!

  12. For earrings you can go down somewhat in color and clarity. It's not as important as it would be for, say, an engagement ring. You should be fine with VS2 or better and H color or better, as long as you get an ideal cut (the most important thing.) Read around about diamonds and you'll see that cut trumps all. Get that squared away first. THEN figure out how much you want to pay for clarity and color.

    Also, definitely go somewhere that has an upgrade policy. I've got 1.5 ct tw studs and what I really wanted was 2 ct tw, but I couldn't afford them at the time in the level of quality that I wanted. Stupid me, at the time I purchased I didn't realize that such a thing existed so now I have to stick with these until I feel like spending the money for the ENTIRE purchase price of the 2 ct tw ones. :Push:

    Good luck!