29 mm J12?

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  1. I just received an e-mail from Chanel about the "new mini" 29 mm J12 with diamonds.

    Does anyone know the price and how small would this be? I have a VERY tiny wrist and I'm not crazy about the way I look in large watches.

    Anyone have one? Opinions?
  2. I want to know prices too. I am absolutely in love. I always said I would never part with my white J12, but now I will! I want a 29mm w/ diamond bezel now. I think the diamonds will look better on a smaller watch on me. I am so excited!!!!
  3. i got the email too..they all look good standalone but you have to try them on to see the effect. I dunno IMO the ceramic watch style looks best bigger.. Metal watches or square shaped watches looks better smaller (with the exception of gold round face watches)

    I have a really small wrist and the 38 looks great on me even though it covers the whole side of my wrist. i would never go smaller in this style.
  4. i have to agree... i thought 33mm was too big for my wrist... i happen to saw the 29mm last i was at the boutique. I have to admit.. i think for the style... 33mm or even 38mm might look better. i didnt ask for the price though sorry.
  5. Hmm. Interesting. I was thinking of the 29mm with diamonds. I guess the only way to know is to try it. Just wondering about the price though.

    Not like I really need another watch but its so darn pretty.
  6. From what I could find out on the J12 29mm model H2572 with 40 diamonds in bezel and 8 hour markers is the Chanel retail is 10,200.00, but you can find it from other watch stores for 8,160.00.
    Model H2570 with just diamond markers retails at Chanel for 5,200.00, but can be found for 4,420.00 in watch stores.
  7. I reeealy want the one with diamonds :cloud9:
  8. i got the email today too. they're so pretty!! would love to have one!
  9. I saw the 29mm J12 at my local boutique today, but I don't like it. Sorry, I have to agree with laurayuki & SpeedyLover that J12 looks better in bigger size.
  10. ^Perhaps, but that's a matter of personal opinion. Some people, including myself, have very petite wrists and don't care for a giant, in-your-face watch. The bigger size on me just looks silly...