28cm or 32cm Kelly?

  1. Okay, so I don't normally lurk around this forum, but I really *need* a Kelly bag and I'm trying to decide on the size. I'm 5'3", 105 lbs, so I maybe the 28cm will look better, but I keep thinking if I get the 32, maybe I'll use it for work (my laptop is very small). Does it seem like I would ruin the Kelly if I use it for a computer bag? Is this TOTALLY unreasonable???
  2. I think with your height and build either bag will look good on you - it's a personal decision. I can't imagine carrying a laptop in a kelly - just something I can't visualize.
  3. ^^ITA. :flowers:
  4. 5'4 here, fairly thin, but the only kelly I have/love is 32 cm soft edge, the outside stitching makes it look bigger & fits less inside.
  5. The truth is, yes, you may ruin the Kelly even if you're super careful. I just don't think the Kelly can take the daily abuse of storing a laptop. The internal chevre lining could get all scratched up by the sharp corners of a laptop. There are tougher and cheaper alternatives of storing a laptop, just not the Kelly please.

    For work, I think a 32cm retourne (inside stitch) would be nice choice for your height.
  6. I'm 5'3" and 110# and find the 28cm the perfect size although I have a 32cm Graphite Retourne in Clemence that I use a lot for work. I do not put my laptop inside nor would I recommend it......it's too heavy for the handles and might push the bag out of shape in the long run.
  7. the kelly has only one handle so when you put tons of stuff in it feels much heavier than the birkin IMO. wouldn't advise it as a laptop holder.
  8. I second the 28 cm retourne. I have one and I cant believe how much it holds yet it doesnt look like a huge bag. I wouldnt recommend putting a laptop in it. These bags are hand stitched and Im sure not intended for for holding anything too heavy such as a laptop. It would definitely get mishapen after a while too, not to mention put pressure on the hardware.
  9. i'm taller and bigger than you and i LOVE the 28cm, retourne and sellier! wouldn't put a laptop in it.
  10. You can put a lot in a Kelly 32 and also 28 - but not a laptop. The structure of the bag, with the whole weigth on one handle and all hingeing on the turnkey, just doesn't lend itself to transporting laptops.
    You may want to think about a Garden Party for a laptop. Or a Birkin. I put my laptop in my Birkin sometimes, I put the laptop into a 'second skin' to protect both the laptop and the bag.
  11. I am 5 feet, and around 103 pounds (on a good day) and feel that the 32 sellier (hopefully this is the right terminology) Kelly is a bit "too boxy" for me.
  12. S'mom we are the same size! That's great because I can use you as my future bag purchase reference guide....
    I am using my togo 32 retourne kelly today, you wont be able to put your laptop in there, there simply won't be room enough for anything else. Right now, I have my medium chameleon insert in there & it is just snug, kellys are not as wide as birkins,mich327 you could do this size & tote your laptop in a separate carrier?
  13. Thanks ladies! So much helpful information! I *think* I should go for a 28cm then and not try to use it for work. I plan to try to get one in the next couple of months, so I'll post pics when I do!
  14. I tried a laptop in a 35cm Kelly and I don't recommend it because it's too heavy for the single handle and the turnkey. Would have been cool though, but I decided against it.

    My laptop is 28cm long and 20cm high and fairly thin (2cm).