28cm Kelly maleability question...

  1. I'm begining to re-think my 28cm rigid Kelly desire because now I'm thinking that a 28cm Box Kelly in that construction will not be maleable enough and be too stiff. Opening and closing the bag for easy access to my stuff inside. I was originally thinking of a 28cm BOX Kelly in rigid but maybe it makes more sense to get a 28cm Box Kelly in souple if I'm going to use it a lot?????

    Problem is I think the smaller Kelly looks fantastic and classic in rigide construction in Box leather.....

    It would be nice if I could actually see a 28cm bag but it seems that whenever I'm at the H boutique, they only have 32's and larger.

    I'd love your opinions on this one....'cause I keep going back and forth, rigid, souple....rigid, souple....:shocked: :shocked:
  2. I have been thinking about this lately. I have concluded that the only size that I like a rigide in is 28cm. At 32m I like the souple. The rigid look at that size is somehow unattractive to me. Box leather in souple gets soft looking over time. Go to eBay and look at the vintage bags and see if you like the look. If I were to get a box Kelly, I would def go for the rigide in a 28cm and wouldn't even think about a box leather in 32. That's just my opinion:flowers:
  3. Every time I look at a 32cm in rigid I think it's just too stiff and big looking....but in the 28cm it looks divine. The only thing is that I worry it'll just be too stiff to get into and out of in the 28cm...you know?

    I love the look of the one that Smoothoprtor has on eBay right now...it's just beautiful in that 28cm size.....
  4. I have to agree with both Shopmom and Gracekelly; although I don't like rigid bags in general, I think the Kelly in rigid looks nice up to size 28, above that it looks a bit like a battling ram. Having said this, IMO the 28 rigid, is a formal/elegant bag, so if you need it for this purpose, fine...but if you want it as an every day bag, I would choose the souple...:flowers:
  5. Shopmom, the Kelly in my family portrait is a rigide 28cm. I won't lie it's hard to access the interior, but that thing is built like a suitcase. It also doesn't hold too much. But I wub it, I wub it, I wub it.
  6. I would vote for 28cm in rigide if you're getting box leather.
  7. another vote for this. box i 28 and stiff is just so classic and feminine.

    but maybe i am biased as i simply can not stand the kelly in souple it just looks wrong to me
  8. Shopmom, I LOVE the Kelly 28 in black box rigide, but not as an everyday bag. More as a special event, evening, party bag where you don't have to get in and out of your bag a lot.
  9. A Kelly 28 in black box rigide is for those elegant occassions. You can get that first as a classic wardrobe essential, and buy a second Kelly in souple/mou in a different leather/color for everyday casual. Or do you already have a Kelly Mou?
  10. Rainrowan....I have a 32cm Chocolate Sellier Kelly that I LOVE but that needs a bit of a break, I've been using her exclusively. So, the 28cm Kelly would not only be for evenings (and I don't do fancy evenings too much, that's for sure) but also as a trade off with Mizz Kelly. The vintage 32cm I just bought from LZ will only be used occassionally as befits her age and character (toile/black box combo).

    I'm thinking 28cm souple which would allow me easy access into the body of the bag while also giving me a "dinner out" option as well...
  11. That makes sense, D.!!!;)
  12. That sounds like a good plan, shopmom. I also like what I've seen of the softer constructions, especially if the bag is to be utilized frequently (opening/closing). So squishable! While the box rigide is lovely, I think it's main thing going for it is that it looks great as a decoration, or display purpose, if you will, against formal wear.
  13. Thank you everyone! As usual, I knew I could count on you!!!!!!!!
  14. Did you see the one on jemznjewels??? Not sure if it's 28 or 32 - not bad price...(we are bad for each other lol!!!)
  15. Shoes....you're so funny....I did see that one and it is a 28cm and it is a souple and by the time I figured out what I wanted (which was a few minutes ago) the thing was put on HOLD!!!! She had that puppy on line for WEEKS! See? With H, snooze ya loose. Anyway, that's ok because I don't think I want another Togo leather Kelly. It'll need to be some other leather (don't know yet which one) and not black I think.

    The good thing is that now I've got part of it narrowed down.....28cm, souple, Kelly.....leather and color to follow!!!!