28cm Kelly in Cyclamen Mysore

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  1. My SA just called to inform there's a 28cm Mysore Cyclamen Kelly with Palladium hardware available. Just came in today! Have yet to view the bag. Will probably go within the next 2 days. In the meantime, would like to get some feedback on this bag to help with the decision.

    The biggest negative point is the 28cm! While I would prefer bigger sizes i.e. 32 or 35cm, the Cyclamen Mysore seems quite hard to resist! What do you brilliant ladies think?
  2. Oh wow!
    Is it rigide or souple? This makes a diff in my advice... :smile:
  3. I own a 28 and I don't think it is that much of a negative. I don't recall from any of your posts if you own any other bags, do you?

    If it is not your first and you love everything, but the size...how can you resist? You will make it work with what you carry.

    I would like to know if it is rigide or souple as well...that might make a small difference to me.

    Fill us in
  4. Greentea, Kellybag...thanks for you response! I've a 32cm Orange Togo Kelly & a 30cm Blue Jean Togo Birkin. Both with Palldium hardware. I really want a rigid Kelly now! Am unsure if it's rigid or souple but I think Mysore is a rigid leather. Please highlight if I'm inaccurate with this info.

    My SA is waiting for me to go into the store before she'll open the box. Hence she could not offer any helpful advise yet.

    Of the primary decision considerations for size/colour/leather, I did specifiy to my SA the preferred colours (Fuschia, Cyclamen, Gold, Black) & leather (anything that's rigid) in 32 or 35. With the 28cm Cyclamen Mysore, perhaps 2 out of 3 is almost perfect eh?

    Would love one with Gold hardware, but am willing to consider a Fuschia or Cyclamen with Palladium as the combination looks good too. Will leave the gold hardware to the black and/or gold bags.
  5. Cyclamen in chevre mysore will look so gorgeous! I saw this combination in a bearn wallet. Together with palladium hardware, it will be fab!

    You should think what's more important to you ... color/leather or size? That will help you decide.

    I prefer the rigid though. I guess it's because the souple doesn't look good on me.
  6. Hey baghag! Just because the leather is mysore doesn't mean it's rigide. It can be a less supple leather like box or Epsom and still be a souple Kelly - souple/rigide has to do with the stitching of the bag (inside or outside.)

    Soo, it could be either! :smile: At this point, I'd say, get it if it's rigide and maybe wait a little longer if it's souple. The orange Kelly and BJ Birkin are more casual looks. I think you need a rigide 28 next. A Rigide bag will look larger than it's souple counterpart.
  7. oo LUCKY! Did you get it?
  8. An update...

    So I went to have a look at the bag 1st thing yesterday morning. It was a souple. Boo hoo hoo! I was hoping it would be a rigide. A 28cm souple Kelly is more casual than a 28cm Rigide, which would have been more dainty and "proper". The colour and leather was fabulous!

    While I was loving the colour and leather, especially the leather, I was really uncomfortable with the size. So I've decided to pass and wait for a rigide 32cm or 35cm Kelly instead. Thanks to all your advise!

    While I was in the store, there was this fabulous 31cm Chamonix Potiron Bolide. Chamonix is simply divine! Love love love the leather! While the leather may require more TLC & care, I really want a Kelly in this leather. Especially in rigide. Sigh...so gorgeous! The thing about the Ks & Bs is that when there are more specific requirements i.e. specific leather, hardware, size combination, the longer the wait! With my orange Kelly and the BJ Birkin, I was really fortunate as the wait was not more 2 yrs for each. 13mths for the Kelly and just under 2 yrs for the Birkin. Of course, I had less stringent requirements then as they would be m 1st of each. With the Birkin, I was really, really fortunate to get a 30cm BJ! So now I'm pampered and I expect a bag soon! Which is quite unrealistic...hee hee! Back to the patience and waiting game...
    I hope the Hermes Gods who art in Handbag Land will bless me with a 32cm & 35cm rigide chevre/box/chamonix SOON!!! And more blessings of assistance to all those who are waiting eagerly for their little beauties...i.e. Noriko for your Fuschia beauty!
  9. bh21, so sorry it didn't work out, but if I were getting a Kelly 28, I'd want it to be a rigide too. Better luck, soon!
  10. Thanks, coco-nut!!!
  11. Aww, but best to wait for what you really want. OMG, I LOOOOOOVVEEE Potiron and LOOOOVe the Bolide! I can't wait to see that one!