28cm HAC?

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  1. I thought I had this info somewhere but I can't find it!!!

    Does anyone know the measurements of the 28cm HAC? And does anyone actually HAVE a 28cm HAC that you wouldn't mind posting pics of holding?

    I'm thinking either a 30cm Birkin in Togo, 28cm HAC in Togo or another 32cm HAC in Togo and I'd like to make up my mind in case something should pop up.....don't want to be confused when the time comes!

    Thanks guys....:flowers: :flowers:
  2. i didn't even know that a 28 HAC exists! this is interesting.

    thanks, shopmom - for another potential H bag option for me!
  3. Pazt.....maybe it's a 27cm??? Yikes. I THOUGHT there was a 28cm.....
  4. It's a 28. The HAC goes in increments of 4cm, until you get past 40cm, then it's in increments of 5cm.

    This post just made me realize what a geek I am!
  5. LOL, HG. You are NO geek!

    So....what do you guys think about a 28cm HAC? Too small?

    HG....do you know what the measurements are - height and width?

    ....I'm so confused.....
  6. :lol: me too! Are these very, very hard to find? Just wondering because I've never really seen one. :flowers: Wow, are you thinking Rouge H, D? That would be fabulous!
  7. any pics? am curious now.....
  8. It is tiny. I don't know the exact measurements except the width, 28cm, natch. Height, I estimate 30cm.
  9. No, I wish I had some pics though. LZ had one a while back but like a boob I passed on it. Beautiful bag....hmmmmmm maybe I kept the info somewhere on my hard drive. I'll take a look.
  10. HG....think it's too small for me?

    Ok. I'll spill it....

    I'm thinking a 35cm Birkin is way too big. My 32cm HAC is a perfect size but sometimes I feel it's even big inside and all my stuff sort of lays on top of each other. So, that's why I was thinking the 30cm Birkin ......but I love the HAC! Oiy Vey!!!!
  11. If it's "not nearly as small as the 25cm Birkin" it sounds like it wouldn't be too small for everyday? :shrugs:

    It would sort of be like a 28cm Kelly only a little taller? or am I totally wrong? :confused1:
  12. Could you make a paper cutout and hold it against yourself to get a guestimate?
  13. Yep. That's what I did when I purchase the 32cm...that really works well except I need to find all the dimensions. Maybe they'll have one I can look at when I'm in NY.....wouldn't that be great? You don't see HAC's on the shelves that often though...and never in San Fran!
  14. I'm sure we can arrange something.;)