28cm HAC vs 32cm Kelly.....

  1. So, here's a question I'll bet everyone is dying to know the answer to....:rolleyes:

    Is the 28cm HAC comparable to the 32cm Kelly? I know the length will be different but if you have a 32cm Kelly.....would owning a 28cm HAC be somewhat redundant? Would the Kelly be bigger than the HAC all the way around?

  2. S'Mom...I love your questions...even when I have no idea...

    Well...I think it would be easier for Johnny D to deliver a 32 cm Kelly than a 28 cm HAC...if he were going to arm/hand carry your bag to Berkeley...
  3. Get that cat away from the computer before he buys that HAC!!!!!:p
  4. LMAO!!!!!!!!! omg..............

    .....where's that cat................................
  5. Where's our Muffin pic for today????
  6. I would go for HAC 28cm. I tried one on before and it was a great size. It was slightly bigger than a sellier Kelly 28cm but holds a lot more. Also, it's very easy to get in and out of. I can even slip my wrist through it without any problems.:yes:
  7. I am so glad Shopmom that you made this thread!I have been wondering this same thing.Does anyone have any pics to compare? (32 Kelly with a 28 HAC)
  8. I believe that the 28cm HAC will hold alot more than the 32cm Kelly, because it's got the depth that the 32cm Kelly doesn't have.

    However, it does have a shorter handle than the 32cm HAC that you have, shopmom. It's more a handheld bag. I think it gets a little awkward trying to hang it on crook of your arm. It may even be impossible.
  9. S.....when you measure the drop of the handle, do you measure from the top of the bag to the bottom of the curve of the handle? KWIM?
  10. I would measure the "space" from under the handles to just where the top of the flap is. It's the height of the space. Not sure if I am explaining this properly. Does anyone else measure the same way too? I'm curious now.
  11. I can fit my wrist through the handles just fine, but it is definitely more snug than the handles for the Bolide or Kelly. I think HAC looks better as a handheld bag anyway.:flowers:
  12. I love my 28 cm HACs... I don't have a 32cm Kelly...so I can't comment on that

    I can fit my hand through the handles just fine, though admittedly, its a tight fit if I am wearing heavy coat... otherwise it's ok

    The advantage of the 28 cm HAC (to me) are:
    a) it is an elegant handbag (and a fab option to the kelly when you still want easy access via the top.
    b) becoz of its size, it looks more appropriate/elegant for dressier occasions whereas the 30 cm birkin or 32cm HAC might look a bit more "tote-ish"/casual
    c) holds more than the 28cm Kelly as the HAC is taller and wider (sides)
  13. So, let's say you have both a 28cm and a 32cm Kelly......would you buy a 28cm HAC? And if so, why?
  14. no, I wouldn't.
  15. Not me, shopmom. I would get a 30cm Birkin any time.