28cm HAC and 28cm Kelly

  1. Just curious as to why there seems to be very little interest in 28cm HACs. I actually find them a great and very elegant alternative to my 28cm kellys for occassions where I need to access my things more readily but still need something that looks elegant or handbag-like as opposed to a tote.
  2. my store rarely has HAC 28s........need to see one IRL........
  3. I think HAC 28's are lovely, I've never seen one for sale at my boutique though.

  4. i have one............love it
  5. archangel, I would love to see and try an HAC 28....hoping to be fortunate enough to do so....

    Having only seen them in photos, I've often wondered if this styling would work for me. I don't see why it wouldn't tho...
  6. I love them. Love, love, love them! Didn't know how much until I had the opportunity recently to try one on. Now I'm hoping one comes my way in a color/leather I love but I think it'll be one of those long waits since they don't pop up that often! I think they are elegant alternatives to a 30cm Birkin!
  7. I saw LZ has one in black box I think which looks very very pretty! I don't have a HAC but I think they would hold a lot being so tall.
  8. Exactly what Shopmom said.......I was with her trying on the 28 HACs.......they looked fabulous on both of us, if I do say so myself - LOL!!!
  9. I've never seen one in the boutique. Sounds pretty though.
  10. They used to have a bunch in my local boutique but I haven't seen any for a while now. The last ones that I saw were a vert olive (some kind of smooth leather) & a miel ostrich.
  11. i actually quite like the 28cm HAC! it looks very elegant, the size is perfect if you're after a dressier/more formal sort of bag, but i suppose for everyday use it might be a bit small?