28cm Blue Jean Kelly with GOLD HARDWARE at NM!

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  1. This is a rare find at Neimans! :nuts:

    I just got word from my SA, Lisa Hamlin from NM, that they just received a 28cm Blue Jean Togo Kelly with Gold Hardware
    Price: $6400

    This won't be there long, so call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 asap if you want to grab this one!

    If you need Lisa's email address, please PM me. And yes, they ship worldwide!

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  2. Oh wow that is rare! Hope someone grabs this! By the way, How are you enjoying your BJ HAC J?
  3. wow!!!!!!!
    if it were a 32, I'd be In Like Flynn!!!
  4. Your SA is a doll, BTW!!!!!
  5. Thanks Ladies!!!

    HC- I agree, Lisa really is the best! I adore her! She bends over backwards to make every client happy!!! And her assistant Annie is the sweetest thing ever!

    Japter-I am LOVING my Blue Jean HAC! It is by far my all time favorite bag, and I really love the HAC shape. Would love to get another one some day.:girlsigh:
  6. They are still recieving bags? Cool!
  7. It's soooo sweet!!! :heart: Thanks Jag (and Lisa and Annie)! :hugs:
  8. I don't think the shape and proportions look good on this 28 BJ Kelly?
    It looks so boxy as opposed to the nice trapezoid shape of my 32cm?

    It is making me a little concerned about how my SO Kelly 28 is going to look?

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  9. the pic is taken at an angle where the handles do look disproportionate...but i can tell you that on the 28, the handles are quite large compared to the bag...when you look at it opposed to a 32.
  10. Lovely bag, your SA is fantastic.
  11. lovely!! i wish it was a 32 or 35 though
  12. Lovely Kelly! GHW on BJ is so much more rare to come by! Hope someone grabs this and bring this home!

  13. BJ with GH....my fav. This bag is gorgy, hope she goes to a lovely tpfr.
  14. wow! I usually don't go crazy for BJ, but I must say ....with GH is TDF!!!
  15. jag, thanks for sharing. :smile: