$285 Amarante Cles on eLux

  1. I am soooooo interested but dead broke. :crybaby:Thanks for posting, hopefully some tPF members will snatch them up. Btw, how do you know there's 9 left? :tup:
  2. And now zero.. :sad:
  3. hmm? it's still in stock. :yes:
  4. This is what I get ?

  5. People are probably adding them to their cart and then they are getting released. I just checked and they are available again.

    Oops, just realized you posted a pic of the violet. The amarante is still in stock.
  6. some more are avail, so go and get
  7. Yep, they're still available - just keep refreshing? Maybe it'll show up.
  8. I add it to my cart and put 99 in the quantity box- it'll come back saying "sorry we don't that many we've adjusted the amount" to the highest number they have :yes:
  9. btw they still have 6 :p
  10. I hope PF'ers get them all!

    I wish I could rock one of these... they're too cute!
  11. Very smart! :tup: haha, I usually do that when I want something from Zappos. :p

    John, I'm sure you can get one and rock it! :graucho:
  12. Oh! now I know what's going on. I think I clicked purchase at the same time as someone's trying to check how many they have in stock. So my shopping cart turned out empty. Then I checked back later, it came back in stock....kinda popped in and out.
  13. This is SO cute~ the color ROCKS!!
    Still available...
  14. hope soemone get it...let us know who got it...:tup: