$2800 cardigan from J. Crew?! WTF?

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  1. Cute, but $2800...Can't see these flying off the shelves...:wtf:

  2. Why is it so expensive, it it made out of gold???
  3. It's couture with beading I guess...
  4. An opulent creation completely covered with thousands of precisely hand-sewn beads—it took an experienced couture artisan a month to craft this cardigan. This is a very, very limited edition. You can count the number we have available on one hand. Lightweight merino wool in a 12-gauge knit with allover glass, seed beads. Open cardigan. Crewneck. Elbow sleeves. Hits at high hip. Part of the J.Crew Collection. Import. Spot clean.

    im thinking that most people who spend $2800 on sweaters will be buying designer, not jcrew. jcrew is often ridiculously priced for a mall store.
  5. Hmm, that's interesting. Personally, if I were spending that much on a handmade piece, I'd rather get some other designer or other couture piece for that price.
  6. I agree! Jeez, for that price I'd get a classic Chanel jacket...
  7. Geez! I should charge more then for the stuff I make if they want that much for a beaded thing. LOL, I hand-embroider nearly everything I make and here I am charging hardly anything.

    For that much, I'd at least expect the cardigan to be prettier. It doesn't look special enough--a brown and tan cardigan with beads doesn't make me scream YES!
  8. Wow. I saw a 1200.00 Banana Republic 30 Year Anniversary Trench coat in my September issue of People Style Watch and thought WTF?!?!? I hardly consider anything from J.Crew or Banana to be couture.
  9. Wow..definitely an expensive piece for J Crew. I don't think I'd ever get it.
  10. I would rather buy two Herve Leger dresss. Or one HL and two pairs of Loubs.
  11. J. Crew and Banana are trying SO HARD to become elite fashion designers... now, I understand spending more money at those 2 stores, but really, they are just another "store in the mall" -- maybe better than Gap or Ann Taylor.. but get real - pieces for $2800? It's not exactly Chanel.
  12. wow that is nuts. i wonder if people will actually buy it, just to say they have it, kwim?
  13. ^^ I think it all depends on your taste. Yes, most of us would go out and buy Chanel or Hervé Léger or Chloe at that price, but I think the person to buy it is the person who absolutely adores it! And there are many people who might rather buy that cardigan than a piece by Valentino or whoever, because of what they prefer.

    I would definitely love to see it in person. It seems a bit dark and I'm not interesting, but they've had a lot of J.Crew Collection pieces recently and I've been wondering about how they look. They could be really nice, but I'd definitely rather buy a Chanel bag for that much, LOL.
  14. :wtf:
  15. Eww. This one is 3000 but i wouldnt spend 30