$280 Louboutins at NM!!!!!

  1. They come in cream or black and they still have all sizes available...what a cute shoe and at that price....I just ordered a black pair!

  2. I didn't see them at all. They must be gone?
  3. no, i just bought them...go to shoes and handbags and then click on new arrivals...they should be on that first page of new shoe arrivals
  4. They dont ship until oct 10....:confused1:
  5. WTF is going on? LOL I think it's a typo, but they have to honor it. I ordered one in each color.

    What size did you get jfhave? I don't have a sling in Louboutin so I wasn't sure. If you could help me out, I would appreciate it! Thanks. :smile:
  6. they're probaly supposed to be $480 or something! rofl!

    good find!
  7. I got the black, but am thinking I should get back on that and get the cream ones too...who knows though, NM has taken an order from me in the past just to cancel it a few days later...I will be pissed!!!! I already ordered some sole stopperz for them!!!!
  8. sorry, I read your question wrong.. I got a size 39...
  9. I bought both colors too! I didn't know what size to get though. I'm normally a size 8, and I got 38.5. I hope that's right. =( I normally would get the 39, but since they are open, you can't really get pads in case they are big...plus the may stretch and being the are slingbacks, you don't want them to stretch too much!
  10. What are they made of? I didn't even bother to look? Was it leather???

  11. Or more!
  12. What's your normal size in Louboutin? Thanks!
  13. I did the same thing. lol I can't tell from the pic. The black almost looks suede.
  14. Holy cow, if they are suede, they are definitely mispriced!!!!!!!!!! lol
  15. Or maybe satin...