$280 CLs are now $690..oh oh

  1. Does that mean they will not honor our price? omg..i wish i would have saved my online chat script with them..oh no...would i call them to confirm? got any suggestions? thx
  2. :crybaby:I hope they honor the $280 price...
  3. im sure they will honor the price and congrats to everybody who got the deal of the day!
  4. ok, so i panicked and i chatted with live SA again regarding my order and they said they will honor my shoes for $280 but now the question is will they cancel my or all of our orders???
  5. I would think they would have to or maybe just say they are out of stock or something? I heard that some airline did that once - made a mistake on their website with a low low price for airfare and people were going crazy buying tickets. I believe they had to honor them.
  6. I think they will have to honor the price. Per some state or local consumer protections laws they may well have to honor the price. Even if you did not keep the chat transcipt you have your confirmation e-mail from them. I printed out the page showing the price, though my black ink decided to go hinky so it is not very distinct.

    I am going to stand firm on their need to honor that price for me.
  7. I hope they do! The shoes were gorgeous!