28 Weeks Later

  1. Has anyone seen this yet? I managed to watch it last week and gotta say it was one of my fav films of the year!
    Definitely worth watching :tup:
  2. I want to watch it too, but is it gruesome?
  3. ^^^yeah that.
  4. I loved the first film, 28 days later. I am glad to hear that it is worth watching. I think Rose Byrne (an Ozzie) is one of the stars?
  5. Yeah she's one of the Army ppl.
    I don't think it is too gruesome. As I am not great with lots of blood and I could watch it with no probelms...
  6. I've been to see this as well and loved it! :smile:
  7. I somehow liked the first one better... perhaps because for the 2nd I already knew what to expect :p
  8. I thought it was fantastic. Robert Carlyle's performance was amazing- you really saw his guilt and shame at one point, and later his fury. I won't elaborate as i don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but he is a class act.
  9. I still hadn't had a chance to see this yet but I love the first one ("28 Days Later") and the sequel has been receiving great reviews on IMDB.

    I've heard that they're going to do a third film in the series and that it's going to be titled "28 Months Later", which will pick up where "28 Weeks Later" left off.
  10. I think the first one was better but it was still a good film. I loved seeing London and all the places i recognise all deserted and creepy!
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  13. Looking forward to seeing it! I liked the first one, will always remember the guy with the drop of blood falls into his eye and he becomes infected after doing so well before
  14. Saw it a few weeks back, definitely not what a expected. A bit slow, but it was okay. Glad we rented.