28 or 32 Kelly for a short person?

  1. Hello there!

    I'm new to this forum and doing my homework before I buy myself a Kelly for my 30th birthday (it's in 2 years, but I'm saving $$ right now for it!). I'm 5' 2", so should I get a 28 or a 32 Kelly? I'm afraid a 32 may look too big on me, but I'm not sure. I hope to use this as an everyday bag (so a souple would be more appropriate, correct?). Suggestions? Thanks! This forum is so informative!
  2. I am 5'1" and a bit, and a size US 4-6. I have a 32cm Gold Vache Liegee Kelly that I absolutely ADORE! The size is perfect! I like the 28 for more formal occasions, and the 32 is perfect for everyday! Here are some pics:
  3. Woop! JAG you know what I'm gonna say......LMAO!!!!! Here I am, 5'3" and about a size 4 (when I'm not pre-menstrual which at this stage of the game is all hit and miss) and I'm most comfortable in 28's. Not that 32's don't look ok on my frame....it's just that I'm most comfy in the smaller bags. It's always 28's in Kelly's or 30's in Birkins for moi......

    Here's a 28cm Rouge H Chamonix in Sellier vs. a 32cm Graphite Clemence in Retourne......have since sold the 32cm and purchased the exact same bag in a 28cm.
    Chamonixme3.jpg GraphiteBelles.jpg
  4. These pics are very helpful! It looks like I'll be most comfortable with a 28 cm Kelly. Thank you so much. Gosh, those bags are so gorgeous. You ladies look so stylish too!
  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm barely 5 feet, small boned, and can wear a 32 retourne, but a 32 sellier is too big and boxy for me. I bought the 32 cm because the 28 did not hold all my "stuff".

    It would be helpful if you could try one on in each size and also see if the 28 would hold the items you plan to carry.
  7. ^^ totally agree. I am 5'1, I bought a 32 although I always wanted a 28 because it fits more. That said I am now looking for a 28! :shame::shame:
  8. Well hello fellow munchkins! I'm 5'2" and a US 2-4. I have a 28cm and it's too small!! I much prefer my 32cm and have "borrowed" (read stolen) my 4'11" mother's 35cms alot. I guess I like big bags- on my wrist, not my eyes or thighs! Kenzie, go to the store or a friend with a few sizes and try them on! That way you'll see and feel for yourself. Not to mention all the leather and color choices. If your big b-day is 2 years off, why not order your perfect bag so that you'll get it around then? Just a thought; also, the price will only go up every year.
  9. True, very true. However, doesn't H require you to be a regular customer before they even let you on the list? It just seems like H requires you to jump through so many hoops to look at a bag, let alone get one. :sad: I'm leaning toward getting a pre-loved bag, maybe a few years old, to lessen the sticker shock.
  10. Hi
    I am 5'3 US 0-2 and I have a 32 cm kelly. I tried a 28 cm the other day and thought it was too small for me for everyday.
  11. The difference between 5' 2' and 4' 11" is a big one. I like the look of an oversize Birkin and even a retourne Kelly, but not a sellier Kelly. I'm really short and find it's too much for me - the proportions are all wrong. It's a shame, because it's the best looking bag I own.
  12. ^^ That's interesting because my mother is also 4'11" and she looks great with her 32cm(?) maybe even 35cm sellier Kelly. It's my favorite on her. I like the severity, angularity of it- sort of architectural. I think it depends on how you are proportioned; she's very slim but a bit broad.
  13. I'm 5.1 and feel most comfortable wearing a 32cm retourne Kelly. The 28cm sellier/retourne looks too dainty and is more appropriate for black tie events imo.