28 minutes for a MIZI.....

  1. Boooo!!!
    I need MONEY!!
  2. hahahhaaha i would love to see it go to someone on pf...i can spare 5$ maybe...heheheehe now u just need like another 2295
  3. I need closer to $9995 to get three of the bags I'm lusting over on ebay.
    All collectables.
  4. now you gotta start a donation thread. look at what handbags do to us.......ItS MaDnEsS!!!
  5. :sad: i really don't like the mizi...i don't know why. maybe it's the pleated leather side??
  6. yea some people really love it ...and some people find it a mess and just dont get it....I think its like the cerise line...I still find it odd and tacky but some girls here love it!
  7. I love it, it s sold out in ny
  8. Ooops I think i wrote my thingy wrong...I dont find the mizi tacky...I find the cerise line odd and tacky hahahaha opppps....
  9. that's my beef with it. otherwise it'd be fab...but basically a baby deauville. meh. to each their own.
  10. Wow! I didn't know they made it in black leather. Any other colors?