28 cm vs 32 cm HAC?

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  1. Any opinions out there?
  2. My 32 HAC is the perfect size for me, but it's quite similar in size to the 35 birkin. If I were looking for something a bit different and maybe slightly dressier (because it's less bulky), I would consider a 28 HAC.

    [edit] That said, I guess it would also have to depend on which leather and which color(s) we're talking about. But if I had to choose between a 32 and a 28 of the same leather and color and hardware, I'd choose the 32 in a heartbeat because it's the best size for me. I'm 5'7" and I tend to carry quite a lot around with me during the day.
  3. I'm just a leeetle bit shorter than you are, Gina -- well, actually a lot shorter. I'm only 5'2 (and a half...). The bag I am thinking about is ebene fjord -- and the 28cm might be better because fjord is so much heavier. I have a 35cm birkin and am waiting for a 30cm to come in.

  4. Oh! In that case, I'd say go for the 28 HAC. A 32 HAC and a 35 birkin are quite close in size, so you might appreciate having two completely different looks.

    Ebene fjord! :heart:

    And you're right. If the bag is in fjord, then 28 would be much easier on your arm!
  5. 28cm hac is pretty small. Its like a 30cm birkin.

    I would recommend the 32cm hac as a first bag :heart: :heart:
  6. I recommend 30cm Birkin over 28cm HAC. If you want something in small size...may be 25cm or 28cm Kelly...?
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