28 cm black Kelly...What if...

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  1. I am channeling S'Mom today... What if...you were thinking of a 28 cm black Kelly for your next bag???

    Now let's say box is appealing, but you are a bit afraid of it... Hmmm...you just don't want to worry about what a drop or two of champagne, water, etc. might do to your bag... LOL...this Kelly should not require a special chair or purse hook...but she should be comfortable being hooked under the bar at Happy Hour... You actually live a quite casual life and love to travel... So this Kelly would be an occasional day/weekend bag, but would be used primarily for dinners out and special (but not formal) events...

    I am thinking PH...just because I do not have a small bag w/ PH (and have primarily platinum and white gold jewelry)...but I could change my mind...

    What leathers would you consider and why??? TIA for assistance w/ my silly quest...
  2. I would choose box, but since you don't want box, I say chevre.
  3. Vache Liagee--it looks beautiful in a 28cm Sellier w/PH; I really think VL looks fantastic in sellier Kellys. Just the right amount of texture and sheen.
  4. or lizard.
  5. If you remove box because you said to do so...I suppose you would best be suited for chevre. You don't have to worry about scratches and it would glisten in the daylight as well as evening lights. I also love the idea with palladium hw.
  6. I am not sure that I don't want box...but I am concerned it might be too high maintenance??? My general rule is that it must be able to travel... LOL...could you hang it on a hook at Happy Hour???
  7. Interesting option...have you seen VL in black?
  8. There is never a silly quest when it comes to Hermes, SoCal. And here's my answer......

    28cm Sellier Black Box Kelly with Gold hardware.......VINTAGE!!!! YES!!!!! Why you ask? Because the bag has already gone through the "Mother of God my bag looks like Hell!" stage and has developed it's patina AND you may not feel so afraid of it if it's not brand, spanking new. KWIM? The fear of putting that first scratch or droplet of water on it isn't there because it's already been done!!!!

    The only other bag I would suggest is a 28cm Sellier Black Chevre Kelly with Ruthenium because this leather is great for day to evening.....has a little bit of shine for those evenings out and a bit of an edge with the hardware. If I ever run across one, I'm snapping it up faster than you can blink an eye.........28cm Sellier Black Chevre or a 28cm Sellier Black Box Kelly..........two GORGEOUS bags!!!!!!
  9. Yes, I tried on the 28cm sellier in black VL at the store--it was stunning. It almost came home with me if it weren't for the fact that I ordered the same exact thing already but with guilloche (don't know yet if that will go through).
  10. Oh, that's going to be gorgeous ORCHIDS!!!! When will you know for sure???
  11. Vintage box, VL or Chevre...any would be fabulous!!! :yes:
  12. No clue SM....last time I just got a phone call stating that the bag had arrived. Keeping my fingers crossed....
  13. I think I want a new one...well...99% sure...


    Black box
    Black chevre
    Black VL

    Has anyone seen the 28 cm in swift? Would that be too soft? It seems the more structured leathers are preferred here... No calls for textured leather?

    Orchids, I am quite curious about the VL... Would you purchase a black VL kelly if you had VL in another bag?

    I don't want a super-shiny bag...medium shiny, I think...
  14. Black box, Socal!!! Every girl needs one. It's the quintessential H bag. It WILL get a few scratches but not look bad or thrashed. it will age right along with you and outlast all of your other bags.
  15. I agree with all the above highlighted, and would add lizard, too.....also, agree with the palladium HW;) ....Can't wait to see what you will decide!