28 chocolate box or 32 havanne evergrain kelly?


Oct 19, 2006
Which should I get as a first kelly--28 chocolate box or 32 havanne evergrain kelly?? Gold or ph hardware? Or blue jean or orange? Or should I wait for black? I plan on having more than one eventually.
I have a soft spot for chocolate box - so I vote for chocolate box. And I personally think 28cm is enough for my use. But KB has asked a very important question - is it going to be your everyday bag? If it is, then I think 32cm might be roomier and has greater use. I tend not to load up my Kelly, that's why I say 28cm is enough. I think box is also lighter than evergrain, and holds the Kelly shape better.

Are both retourne and/or sellier?
uh....there's a lot of questions there.....initially I would have said chocolate box 28, but if it's your first, you may not likt the scratches you get with box, so I'd go with the evergrain 32. The orange and blue jean are completely different choices to the first two you mentioned, you would have to take into consideration when you will be adding the next bag, and what type of wear do yo want out of the first one? The coloured ones can be more casual, and you need to think about sellier or retourne as well! LOL!
I probably would carry it in the daytime primarily--out to lunch and traveling, etc. The havanne is souple. I'm not sure about the others. I think I prefer the neutrals for practicality. Maybe the colors are better for Birkins? If the box were 32, I'd probably go with that one, but it's 28. I have tried a 32 before but not 28. Thanks for your input.
Goodness...at first I was ready to answer, but then you added much more!

Do you want to carry it everyday with all types of clothing?

You took the words right out of my mouth there, Kelly! Pampered - have you seen each of these combos (or any of them) in person? I would imagine you'd know based on love at first sight? I am a big fan of the choc. box but it does require some patience what with the patina and all...
No I have not seen them in person since I have been stranded in a non-H locale with too rare visits to civilization. I almost bought a fuschia ostrich 32 Kelly when I was able to get to a boutique and that was the only Kelly (and no Birkins) in stock on my visit--at least that was all I rated at the time. I loved the size, but just when I was about to pay a woman customer talked me out of it. I currently have a 31 Gold Bolide and a rouge vif chevre kabanna and too much Chanel. I'm just learning more about Kelly and Birkin recently from PF and now I want to focus on those.
I'd say for a first Kelly and based on the other two bags you have to go for the 32cm Havanne Evergrain with Gold hardware. Havanne in Evergrain is a beautiful combination especially if you can get it with Gold hardware!!!
The woman who talked me out of the ostrich said that if I was going to spend that much I should buy something in a more classic and neutral color and that if she saw me walking around with the pink ostrich she would assume it was fake and definitely not be impressed.
Nooooooo......:wtf: oiy......well, I hope you don't regret not getting it but I do think that a neutral Kelly or Birkin is next on your list....I wouldn't rule out Fuschia Ostrich though in the future.......:yes: It's LOVELY!!!!

(hope you don't think I was being nosy........:shame:smile:
Thanks, Shopmom for the encouragement for the Havanne Evergrain. I had no idea whether that would be a beautiful combination, but that is the one I put on hold. It does have gold hardware. Everyone seems to like box on PF though, and not knowing from personal experience, I wasn't sure if evergrain--or havanne were good. It won't be my last H bag, but I want to make a good decision toward a sensible collection.
In a way I do regret not buying the ostrich since it was gorgeous and special(very expensive though). I have to admit it would have been impulsive since I did not set out to find that color in particular and I don't dress in pink, but wanted the instant gratification. When I went to the boutique, I actually was hoping for a gold Birkin and I do feel I settled for "practical" with the Bolide and still have not used it.